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Unleash your creativity and decorate with linen fabrics! Dress a piece of furniture, sew your own pillowcases or get an extra long tablecloth. Why not  sew a costume? Most of our fabrics you can order by meter length but only a few as furniture fabrics. This is because furniture upholstery and other similar furnishings require some wear and tear. On these fabrics we have a so-called Martindale value. A fabric\'s Martindale value indicates briefly how many turns a fabric-lined rotating plate has been able to spin on the fabric without any stitches. The higher the Martindale value, the harder the wear can stand. Without the Martindale value, however, the benefits of linen fabrics are many. For example, it is an environmentally friendly natural product and has beautiful durable texture, it breathes well and can be machine washed (according to our recommendations).

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