IV Klöver interior textile - Klässbols Linneväveri

IV Klöver interior textile

Price: 1 962 SEK/meter


100 % Linen


Designers Lars Nilsson
Klässbols Linneväveri royal supplier

This interior textile is part in the IV Klöver Collection and produced in a collaboration with the acclaimed fashion designer Lars Nilsson. In the Clover Collection, we meet the four-leaf clover, a plant that Lars Nilsson has collected and saved in books since childhood. Lars has also been inspired by Louise de Vilmorin, the author of Coco Chanel’s biography in 1957. Lousie’s family made themselves known to become one of France’s leading seed producers as early as the 18th century and onwards. The family symbolizes botany and garden splendor. “The pattern I designed, I thought Louise de Vilmorin would like to decorate her home with today,” says Lars.
The table textiles are of course in 100% linen and we have also produced a stronger textile woven in wool and linen for upholstery and pillows.

Shrinkage: All listed sizes refer to unwashed tissue. Expect a shrinkage of about 5-7% in both length and width in connection with first wash. Follow the washing instructions.

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