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On December 10th, it is time for world’s most celebrated celebration. An honorable mission like Klässbols Linneväveri greatly appreciates. Again, 1350 guests enjoy a unique event and get acquainted with parts of our Swedish heritage in the form of textiles, glasses and crockery.

Nobel – timeless beauty

Since 1991, the annual Nobel banquet is served with table linen and napkins made ​​of Klässbols Linneväveri. The Nobel tablecloth and napkins are typical of the craft tradition at Klässbols and was designed especially for the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in 1991. Textile designer Ingrid Dessau chose to make the tablecloth in satin with coarse, silver-grey linen yarn of the highest quality. The classical woven check pattern appears when the light is reflected differently by the surfaces of the weft and the warp. The napkins are woven in damask with thinner contrast threads of semi-bleached line yarn –  the perfect complement to the beautiful tablecloth.

Nobel duk Hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Ingrid Dessau Nobeldukningen

About the Nobel Tableware

In 1991, the result of a unique collaboration between some of Sweden’s most skilled designers and quality-conscious manufacturers was launched. The idea behind the project was the art historian Åke Livstedt and architect Magnus Silfverhielm. On behalf of the Nobel Foundation, a proposal for renewal, both on the ceremonial framing and on the banquet itself, was prepared for the celebration of the Nobel Prize 90th anniversary in 1991. The decision was made to create brand new parts for the tablecloth, and Orrefors, Rörstrand, Gense and Klässbols Linneväveri were commissioned in their respective areas, and Gunnar Cyrén, Karin Björquist and Ingrid Dessau were responsible for the design. For the textile design, Ingrid Dessau, an outstanding designer who became an artistic breakthrough in 1953, was responsible for a joint exhibition with Signe Persson Melin at Galerie Moderne in Stockholm. After this she became the first designer at Kasthall and during her time there signed several carpets in their collection.
The Nobel series won the Excellent Swedish Form award in 1992.


Nobel duk Hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Ingrid Dessau sand

The beautiful Nobel cloth is available in the colors white and sand.

Orginal Nobelservett i färgen vit Klässbols Linneväveri

The original Nobel napkin used year after year.

Nobelduken i färgen vit Klässbols Linneväveri

The Nobel cloth itself. Available in the colors white and sand.

Nobelservett i färgen vit Klässbols Linneväveri

Nobel napkin without the emblem. Available in the colors white and sand.

Nobel bordslöpare Klässbols Linneväveri

Nobel table runner in the color sand. A perfect gift for someone you like.

Nobel bordstablett Klässbols Linneväveri

Nobel placemats. Available in the colors white and sand.

Klässbols mission

After Klässbols Linneväveri was commissioned, a lot of work took off and two looms were built for the purpose. All weaving was made in mechanical looms, one with jacquard and one in handle, all in satin binding. The tablecloth chair became the widest in the company’s history at this time with a width of 210 cm to cover the hall table. No cloth was under 10 meters long and a total of 500 meters of cloth was used during the Nobel banquet. The original napkins are generous and have the Nobel emblem stewarded in one corner. At the tablecloth, the napkin is placed on the assiets and through the special “Nobelvikningen”, the bread can be placed in it to hold it warm for dinner. It was a time-consuming job to weave the 1350 napkins. A job that lasted for a year. A unique part of the project was that the tablecloths would be woven with natural unbleached untreated linen. The reasons for this were partly from an environmental perspective, but also because the unbleached gray cloth would serve as a stage for glassware, crockery, cutlery and flower arrangements.

Nobel cloth and napkins are woven by Klässbols Linneväveri in traditional technology with modern design. The woven window pattern becomes visible by diffusing the light differently from the warp and weave surfaces. The white napkins, 70 x 70 cm, are woven in damask with a thinner lining that nicely emphasizes the Nobel emblem in one of the napkin’s corners. The Nobel range has been complemented with a napkin, 50 x 50 cm, in satin and of the colors of sand and white, all in 100% linen.

On December 10 every year, the world’s most talked about party is set. An honorable assignment that Klässbols Linneväveri greatly appreciates. Once again, 1350 guests can enjoy a unique event and take part in parts of our Swedish cultural heritage in the form of textiles, glass and porcelain. We deliver tablecloths and napkins personally and are present at the table setting.

Tabelcloth 160 or 180 cm wide. Length varies from 160-460 cm. Available in sand and white.
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Nobel servetter hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri 70x70 Ingrid Dessau vit

Nobel original napkin 70 x 70 cm with emblems are available in white.
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Nobel servetter hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri 50x50 Ingrid Dessau vit och sand

Napkins 50 x 50 cm without emblem are available in sand and white colors.
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Nobel löpare Hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Ingrid Dessau vit

There is also a Table runners 45 x 120 cm in sand color.
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Nobel tablett linne tablett sand Klässbols Linneväveri Ingrid Dessau

And table mats 50 x 40 cm. Available in sand and white color.
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How to fold your Nobel napkin

DYLTA – the Nobel series pre model

Dylta linneservett servett tablett Klässbols Linneväveri röd

The DYLTA pattern was found by Röhsska Museet’s Helena Dahlbäck-Luttermans at Frisher Lea Åkerhielm at Dylta Bruk in Närke. The quality of the original is woven in coarsely home-made unbleached yarn. New production has taken all of the original requirements. The tablecloth should be used diligently as it gives it a even more beautiful look for each wash.

Combine DYLTA napkin or tablet and towel.
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