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The furniture fabric collection Norrland was excellent by ELLE Interiör Designpriset and the Swedish Design Award 2006. Since then we have manufactured not only pillows and textiles but also bags, handbags and wallets. We also offer laundry service. Send us your used canvas and get it back clean and fresh. The price includes freight return, laundry and defect. Delivery time about two weeks. In the past we always mangled our textiles, and especially linen textiles to get as good a result as possible. So it is almost our duty to have mangel and stands for sale.. Read more...Close

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  • Bronsbrun
  • Blåaktig
  • Svart
Table cloth size
Rec. pendant per table side is about 30 cm.
Table runner size
Contact us if you want special lengths.
Pillow size
Bedlinen size
Price range
  • Diskdukar eller torkdukas samlade i hög

    Kitchen and washcloth

    From: 140 SEK
  • Filtduk att ha mellan bord och linneduk vit 2 Klässbols

    Table pad

    Price: 359 SEK/meter
    View more
  • Kallmangel-klassbols-linnevaveri

    Linen mangle – delivery only in Sweden

    Price: 6 450 SEK
    View more
  • Mangelduk i 100% lin till kallmanglar

    Mangle cloth for cold mangels

    From: 1 005 SEK
  • Presentkort Klässbols Linneväveri

    Gift card – physical stores

    From: 200 SEK
    Välj presentkort
  • BADA kimono hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Lena Bergström melerad

    BADA Kimono

    From: 3 900 SEK
  • Se filmen. Tvätt och skötselråd Klässbols Linneväveri

    Cleaning service – NEW table cloth, mats and napkins

    From: 48 SEK
  • Se filmen. Tvätt och skötselråd Klässbols Linneväveri

    Cleaning service (only applies in Sweden)

    From: 50 SEK
  • Stativ Klässbols Linneväveri

    Mangle stand

    Price: 1 975 SEK
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  • Inslagning av presenter eller julklappar Klässbols Linnevaäveri

    Gift and christmas present wrapping

    From: 29 SEK
  • Köp lingarn på rulle hos oss

    Linen yarn kilo price

    From: 390 SEK
  • Gardinsömnad konfetionering kanalfåll 4 cm utan rynkhuvud

    Sewing – curtain suspension

    From: 381 SEK

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