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Produkten har rapportindelningar och säljs därför endast via mail, telefon eller i butik. Rapporterna är 49 cm, 98 cm, 147 cm osv.
Bredden är 80 cm och säljs som metervara.
Färgerna är: vit/vit och svart/vit

This product has report devision and can only be purchased through mail, phone or in a store. This length is: 49 cm, 98 cm, 147 cm etc.
The wide is 80 cm and sold by the metre.
The colors are: white/white and black/white


Lena Bergström


Pure linen


80 cm

Pris: 459 kr/meter

About the design: DECI is part of the collection “Meter” which also includes Centi and Milli. Graphical. Transparent. Architectural. With Centi and Milli, there are many possible combinations. Once the fabric is repeated and hung, it will form new patterns. Works as curtains just as well as a room divider.

Shrinkage: All listed sizes refer to unwashed tissue. Expect a shrinkage of about 2% in both length and width in connection with first wash.
The washing temperature should be 30°C. The linen should not be tumbler-dried.

Produced by Kreatörerna & Web Kreativ
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