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Heaven and Hell – interior textile, full reports

From: 1 625 SEK


Pure linen


Designers Wanja Djanaieff
Klässbols Linneväveri royal supplier

Full reports gives you the full pattern picture, over and over again. The length is 1 meter and 30 centimeter.
If you wish to buy the textile as meter fabric you can do it here.

Background: Wanja Djanaieff in collaboration with Svensk Slöjd gave Heaven and Hell. “To interpret life freely according to folk art in the form of strong symbols such as Adam and Eve, unicorns, birds, angels, devils, and more, on damask is like bringing together two cultural heritage into one. “Heaven and Hell” is a damask story in modern vintage that affirms our roots.
The “Harmonics” pattern complements it. “- Wanja Djanaieff

The pattern has a straight and a neat side, just like all other products. Maybe you like dark better than light? Why not combine them.

Shrinkage: All listed sizes refer to unwashed tissue. Expect a shrinkage of about 5-7% in both length and width in connection with first wash. Follow the washing instructions.


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