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Bolstertyger metervara. Design Lena Raholt Klässbols Linneväveri


Unleash your creativity and decorate with linen textiles! Dress a piece of furniture, sew your own pillowcases or get an extra long tablecloth. Why not start sewing a suit? We have most of our fabrics by the meter, but we only sell selected ones in the webshop and only a few as furniture fabrics. This is dynamic for our warehousing and because upholstery and other similar furnishings require a certain amount of wear. On these fabrics we have a so-called Martindale value. The Martindale value of a fabric simply states how many turns a fabric-lined rotating plate could have been spun against the fabric without any stitches. The higher the Martindale value, the harder the wear and tear it can handle. But without the Martindale value, the benefits of linen fabrics are still many. For example, that it is an environmentally friendly natural product and has a beautiful durable texture, it breathes well and can be machine washed according to our washing instructions.. Read more...Close

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  • Gulaktig
  • Vit
  • Sand
  • Rödaktig
  • Rosaktig
  • Gråaktig
  • Grönaktig
  • Bronsbrun
  • Blåaktig
  • Svart
Table cloth size
Rec. pendant per table side is about 30 cm.
Table runner size
Contact us if you want special lengths.
Pillow size
Bedlinen size
Price range
  • centi linnegardin Klässbols Linneväveri Lena Bergström

    Centi curtains 80 cm wide

    Price: 609 SEK/meter
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  • Gryning gardin av Eva Jemt Klässbols Linneväveri

    Gryning, Dawn (Skimmer) curtains

    Price: 646 SEK/meter

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