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Köp lingarn på rulle hos oss

Linen, an eco-friendly and sustainable choice

When you buy Klässbol’s linen products, you buy a natural, hard-wearing, durable material and a textile fiber that has been used since the stone age. It is actually one of our most natural and oldest textile fibers. A material that has a smaller environmental impact than many other textiles. Linen products have a long shelf life, are extra kind to the planet, and therefore an environmentally smart alternative. Make a good choice and shop for environmentally sustainable linen products for the planet.

If you choose linen products, you, therefore, make an active choice for the sake of the planet.

Where does flaxseed come from?

The linen from which we weave our linen products today comes from chipboard grown in France and Belgium. Everything is grown according to the rules for sustainable organic farming. The flax is also prepared there, which means that the fiber flax is processed into spinnable fibers which then become raw yarn at various spinning mills around the world. The yarns are also dyed at the spinning mills.

We buy our GOTS eco-labeled linen (Global Organic Textile Standard) from Italian Linificio and French Safilin. These companies are fully environmentally certified and carefully controlled in European supply chains. Why we buy flax yarn from these countries is mainly because it is not possible to buy in Sweden. But also because these linen suppliers can deliver the colors and volumes we want and also have the right environmental policy and a certain CSR work (Safilin) that we appreciate.
The colors that the flax yarn is dyed with are also GOTS eco-labeled. This means, among other things, that no hazardous chemicals are used. Read more about GOTS at

Some of our semi-linen products are woven in 50% linen and 50% cotton. The cotton yarn comes from German Otto Garne who are also certified with Fair Trade, GOTS and more.

A video from Safilin and how the process goes to get linen yarn:

Video from

Our sewing thread

We use Gütermann polyester thread which is Oeko-Tex certifierad, which means that it is gentle on animals, nature and free from toxins. The thread, which is extremely durable, requires much less water and energy consumption in production than the corresponding production of cotton, e.g. Thanks to the manufacturer’s MCT technology, the fiber release is extremely minimal as they work with infinite fibers, unlike in a traditional Corespun technology.

Vi använder Gütermann polyestertråd som är Oeko-Tex certifierad, vilket betyder att den är skonsam för djur, natur och fri från gifter. Tråden som är extremt hållbar kräver mycket mindre vatten och energiförbrukning i produktionen än motsvarande tillverkning av bomull t.ex. Tack vare tillverkarens MCT teknik så är fibersläppet ytterst minimalt då de jobbar med oändliga fibrer till skillnad som i en traditionell Corespun teknik.

Make a climate-smart choice today and buy linen products with long durability!


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