Film om Klässbols Linneväveri

Let´s talk about linen

Here you can watch films. Some are new and some are older, some shorter and some longer. The purpose is always the same, – to talk about linen, to tell our story, why we love to work with linen and meet people who also love linen and linen products, and how we manage the centuries-old family tradition in to the third and fourth generation.

Feel free to follow us on Youtube. There are also some other movies that may be of interest.


The Tourist attraction

Arvika Municipality has many fantastic tourist destinations like including Glasskogen, Olssons Brygga and Klässbols Linneväveri. Did you know that Klässbols Linneväveri is one of Värmlands most visited tourist destinations according to Arvika Tourist Office? During the summer we have several busloads every day, and we guide and host lectures. In the 80’s and 90’s we were able to receive 15’s buses a day and today there is some fewer but then a digital transformation has taken place and changed place on the visit.
Here is a movie for you who are looking forward to a physical visit.


Global companies

– Klässbol is our heart!
Volvo, Thermia värmepumpar, Swegon, Klässbols Linneväveri and Westmatic are global companies placed in the municipality of Arvika. The municipality wants to highlight this in a film with the purpose of telling why the enterprise of Arvika is such a strong manufacturing area.

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