Linen clothes from K&US and Gaardhagen / Kanaljen - Klässbols Linneväveri

K&US linnekläder finns i butiken i Klässbol

In the shop in Klässbol, we have a wide range of linen clothes for both her and him. We can warmly recommend the garments to those who want something unique, stylish, durable, and environmentally friendly. If you already use K&US Stockholm’s garments, you already know how comfortable they are and how ventilating linen clothes are on especialy hot summer days. Klässbols is one of the few retailers in Värmland by K&US and exclusive retailer of Gårdhagen / Kanaljens linen suits and panama hats. If you want to fill your wardrobe, you know where to turn!.

K&US linnekläder finns i butiken i Klässbol


K&US stands for timeless, relaxed design with fine shapes and ingenious details. Sophisticated bohemian one might say. Natural, well-tailored and durable, yet beautiful and with passion and thought in every detail. K&US works with natural materials such as, linen, wool, silk, viscose and organic cotton. The garments are for those who like clothes that make you feel a little extra good, day after day. In the shop in Klässbol we have most dresses and blouses.
The garments are for her.

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Gårdhagen kostymer

Gaardhagen & Kanaljen

Lars Gårdhagens and wife Charlotte manufactures own-produced linen costumes and linen shirts, combined with hats, shoes, and accessories from some of the world’s foremost craft companies. Both design and production have roots in the last century’s men’s tailoring – and vanity. Like undertones lies a consensus of style, humor and esprit.
The garments in the picture are only examples. The garments we sell in Klässbol and Klässbols Stockholm is mostly for him and may vary but are similar the ones on the picture.

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