Clothes from K&US and Gårdhagen

At the shop in Klässbol we not only sell linen products for home and public environments but also linen clothes. As one of the few dealers in Värmland by K&US and Gårdhagen, we offer something unique here in our store. We have a wide range of linen clothes for both her and him and can warmly recommend the clothes to those who want something unique, stylish, durable, comfortable and environmentally friendly.


K&US linneklänningar


K&US stands for timeless, relaxed design with fine shapes and delicate details. Sophisticated bohemian one could say. Natural, well-preserved and durable, but at the same time beautiful and with passion and reflection in every detail. K&US works with natural materials such as linen, wool, silk, viscose and organic cotton. The garment is for those who like clothes that make you feel extra good day after day.
The garment is for her.


Gårdhagen kostymer


Lars Gårdhagens and Charlotte’s wife manufactures custom-made linen costumes and linen shirts, combined with hats, shoes, and accessories from some of the world’s premier craft companies. Both design and production have roots in the last centuries’ mansion and vanity. As undertones lies a flair of style, humor and esprit.
The garment is mostly for him with some linen costumes exception for her.



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