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Gillet table runner

From: 685 SEK

Red 35×150 temporary out of stock. Possible return in November.


Pure linen

Designers Urban Johansson
Klässbols Linneväveri royal supplier

Gillet is one of our most classic products and the red variant can often be seen att the Christmas table. The linen runner are like any other of our products woven in our weave mill in Klässbol of finest linen. If you handle it properly, you can enjoy it for many years. In fact, it is difficult to find any other textiles than linen that has such high quality, so durable, environmentally friendly and perceived more beautiful the more time goes by. Therefore, Klässbol’s linen products fit for parties as well as everyday, to young, old or middle of life. If you have begun to use linen products, you rarely change them. To get the most out of our linen products, design is also important. Therefore, we always work with talented and recognized designers. If you have a favorite product, you may also like this designer’s other products.

Feel free to combine Gillet linen runner with any of our linen products to maximize your experience.

Shrinkage: All listed sizes refer to unwashed tissue. Expect a shrinkage of about 5-7% in both length and width in connection with first wash. Follow the washing instructions.


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