BADA bathtowelGood Environment

From: 889 SEK/unit

100 x 130 cm “sand” is currently out of stock. Expected back in January.


Lena Bergström


Pure linen


100 x 130 cm, 130 x 170 cm

BADA bath towels quality is developed to be thick, yet easy. The wrap bond creates an appearance almost like small swirls with good suction capacity.

Shrinkage: BADA towel is pre-washed and mangled, further shrinkage of about 2% may occur.

Washing instructions BADA bath towels: Wash at 60 °. The product releases linen fibers during washing, especially the first washers. Fill the washing machine with laundry items, such as other towels or bed linen. The fabrics rubs the laundry instead of wrapping around the drum with the risk of loosening more fibers. DO NOT use eco programs without adding extra amount of water or extra rinse if available. After washing, clean the filter in the lid of the washing machine from any lint.

PS, BADA can be centrifuged and dried.

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