BADA bathtowel - Klässbols Linneväveri

BADA bathtowel

From: 1 097 SEK

Only exist in white and turquoise


Pure linen


Designers Lena Bergström
Klässbols Linneväveri royal supplier

Designer Lena Bergström’s BADA bath towel is developed to be thick but still facile. The waffle binder creates an appearance with almost like small swirls and the towel has very good absorbency. The work with the BADA collection lasted for 1 year and the focus has been on finding beautiful and light qualities for each area of ​​use – towel, bath towel and kimono. The collection has a graphic base in black, silver gray and white and is now also available in turquoise and sand. Both BADA bath towel and Waffle towel can be tumble dried.

Shrinkage: BADA towel is pre-washed and mangled, further shrinkage of about 2% may occur.

Washing instructions BADA bath towels: Wash at 60°. The product releases linen fibers during washing, extra rinsing is recommended in the first washes. After washing, clean the filter in the door of the washing machine from any fluff. Tumble drying is recommended for best results.

BADA can be centrifuged and dried.


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