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Julia på Stampen and the seagulls

Fiskmåsen duk hellinne Klässbols linneväveri studio Hjalmar Johansson

“Julia på Stampen” was a woman who returned from America in 1915 and settled down on “Stampen” in Klässbol. The house was popularly called that, of which Julia got the nickname “Julia på Stampen”. The house was to be renovated and during the demolition work Julia found various textiles that were used as sealing material between the logs. Among these was a pattern with free-fyling seagulls that appealed to Julia in particular whereupon she showed it to Hjalmar Johansson, the first generation of weavers in the Johansson family. Maybe Hjalmar would like to take on the pattern and create something of these free-flying gulls?

Dick Johansson, Hjalmar’s grandson, says: “As history can confirm, grandfather totally fell for the pattern. It came into production in the living room of the home in 1921 on the large installed jacquard loom. It was so large that a hole had been made in the ceiling up to the second floor where the jacquard was placed in the bedroom where all eight children slept at night. And they slept well as long as the loom waved and rocked them to sleep, said my father Vitalis, who was one of the children. “

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