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Gårdhagen linnekostymer

Lars Gårdhagens and Charlotte’s wife manufactures custom-made linen costumes and linen shirts, combined with hats, (read more)

Kunglig medalj till Klässbol

Dick Johansson Klässbols linneväveri tar emot Kungliga medaljen av åttonde storleken av Kung Carl XVI Gustav och Drotting Silvia. Foto Yanan Li

Dick Johansson, marknadschef och delägare i Klässbols Linneväveri har fått medalj av kungen. Det meddelade hovet på nationaldagen. (read more)

Store at Sveavägen closed 7 juli-7 aug

As of July 7th we have a closed for the summer in the shop at Sveavägen in Stockholm. We opens again the 7th of August at 11.00. (read more)

Wedding time?

Druvklasen Klässbols linneväveri dimbla

Do you know that you can rent tablecloths? You save both money and get help along the way. (read more)

Let´s talk about linen

Here you can watch films. Some are new and some are older, some shorter and some longer. (read more)

K&US – sustainable and long term design

Clothes can be both well-designed, colorful and at the same time friendly to both humans and the environment. (read more)

Book a tour at the weaving mill

Linen has been woven at Klässbol’s weaving mill for almost 100 years. Here you have the opportunity (read more)

Klässbols in Denmark celebrates 15 years!

Easter 2003 Else Marie Overgaard and her late husband opened up Hørhuset in Lønstrup, Denmark. (read more)

Lyckad vinter – och vårutförsäljning

Hade vi utomjordiska priser i helgen? Ja! Full butik och massor av glada tillrop. (read more)

2017 – ett formidabelt år

Klässbols Linneväveri Nya färgvärlden Demi Trecolore beskuren

Nu summerar vi 2017 och ser tillbaka på ett händelserikt år. Vi har bland annat tagit fram en ny färgvärld (read more)

Nobel for the 26th time

Then it was time again. 10 th of December. Dick Johansson, Marketing Manager of the company, (read more)

What colors are you?

Klässbols welcome you to a new world of color!

(read more)

The Nobel price

In December every year is it time for one of the world’s most attentive events-the Nobel Prize. (read more)

Gastaldi sängkläder i lager

Now there is a large assortment of exclusive linens from Italian Gastaldi (read more)

Gåsöga textile of the year 2016

WE WON! Gåsöga “TEXTILE OF THE YEAR 2016”. Klässbols with designers (read more)

Washing and care instructions

A first-rate linen fabric is, when well treated, beautifully shiny, smooth and cool. (read more)

Lin – for the environment

Klassbols linneväveri servett

As early as the Stone Age, people were also to dress linen, even if the major part was (read more)

The Bada collection

BADA badlakan Klässbols Linneväveri Lena Bergström

The work of the collection has gone on for 1½ years in close cooperation (read more)

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