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This year's sale is here!

Welcome to the bargain-hunt!

This weekend we empty parts of our warehouse and bring out the red price tags. There will be a lot of great articles from our first selection with our previous color scales like lime, blue, red and neutral as white, unbleached and black. In the second selection you can, as usual, find everything from news with odd colors, special weaves or small beauty errors.

Welcome to our shop in Klässbol now on Friday 21 at 09-18, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 at 16-18.

Where? Damastvägen 5 Klässbol (The sale does not apply to the store in Stockholm).
How to find here? Open Google Maps for me!

For those of you who have not been with us before – see the film

Take the opportunity to have a coffee at KaffeKvarnen this weekend!

Klässbols Linneväveri Kaffekvarnen café och lunch

Take a break, warm up or finish with a classic Swedish “fika” at KaffeKvarnen.
The opening hours are Friday 11-18, Saturday and Sunday 11-16.
Kaffekvarnens Facbooksida

Formexmässan jan 2019

At the Formex fair in January 2019, the stand was visited by two of the designers for the textiles for the National Museum and we showed up the Blue Order. You can also see the clip on our Youtubechanel

The Blue Order – biggest ever

Blå ordern linne servetter tabletter på tallrik med kaffekopp Klässbols Linneväveri Hanne Vedel bordsdukning

It was wiped and paddled at the weaving mill during the autumn of 2018. The reason was not that Christmas was approaching but around a certain “blue order”. An order that came to be our biggest ever with 48,000 items. Customers and Klässbol’s customer, Hanne Vedel, are known around the world for their high-quality fabrics in timeless design for, among others, the UN’s main building in New York, the Folketinget in Damark, hundreds of churches and countless homes and offices. This particular order job would finally be given on Christmas gift to Danfoss Denmark’s 6,000 employees, and since Danfoss previously owned Thermia in Arvika, discretion was important so that the surprise was not to be spoiled.

98 million meters of blue yarn was used to make 24,000 napkins and 24,000 tablets. It was scrapped, woven, calendered (mangeled), appeared, healed, made up, ironed, packaged and finally shipped over Öresund. Why the blue was chosen by Hanne and her team was because that color is considered suitable for kitchen utensils best.

Everything was to be delivered a few weeks before Christmas and when the weaving mill had previously received larger orders, a shorter period could have been set aside without having to push the workflow too much. But this time it was different when it took a great deal of early summer and autumn to get ready. This meant that some adjustments in workflows had to be changed. The production line was strict and everyone really did their utmost to get the best result possible.

The work in itself was a nice challenge for the company and a unique opportunity to show that we can receive really big orders.

Watch the film below that Sven Dall (Hanne Vedel’s son) did during his days visiting with us.
Do you prefer to watch it on our Youtube channel then you do it here

To those who wonder if you will be able to buy these “blue products” then they will be on the second sorting in the store at Klässbol until further notice


Blå ordern linne servetter tabletter Klässbols Linneväveri Hanne Vedel bordsdukning

Blå ordern linne servetter tabletter på tallrik med kaffekopp Klässbols Linneväveri Hanne Vedel bordsdukning

Blå ordern linne servetter tabletter på tallrik med bestick Klässbols Linneväveri Hanne Vedel bordsdukning tillsammans med kaffe och vitt och blått porslin

Blå ordern linne servetter tabletter på tallrik med bestick Klässbols Linneväveri Hanne Vedel bordsdukning

Lower shipping rates

Dear web customers! If you order in Sweden and want it delivered within the country and the amount is under 2499 SEK, you have the same shipping price – SEK 79, regardless of weight. If you shop for 2500 SEK, free shipping applies, just like before. The prices apply only to purchases within Sweden. Freight rates abroad are, as before, the prevailing price tables on the respective freight companies.

Tablecloth and napkins for the Nobel dinner for 27th time

Nobel duk Hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Ingrid Dessau Nobeldukningen

On December 10th, the eyes of the world again watches Sweden and the Nobel dinner. This year is the 27th year in a row as (read more)

Care for a pillow fight?

The pillow can not only be used to tilt the head against. You can also have it as protection against horrors on film or why not just spontaneously hug it? But the most fun is probably a classic pillow fight, and then it is good to choose pillows that can withstand the challenge! We have lots of pillows in stock at the moment. Welcome to our stores and se more at our webbshop.

Textiles for Nationalmuseum

Nationalmuseet möbeltyger Klässbols Linneväveri foto Pia Ulin soffa från vänster Matti Klenell Mattias Stählbom Stina Löfgren Carina Seth Andersson Gabriella Gustafson

For 5 years, the Nationalmuseum (National Museum) in Stockholm has been closed. The reason for this is that the entire museum has undergone total renovation of the kind we have rarely seen in Sweden. Unique is not only the renovation but also the great effort made to produce unique furniture, textiles, glasses, cutlery and more. A total of about 80 products have been produced.

Behind the design is mainly design duo TAF, Carina Seth Andersson, Stina Löfgren and Matti Klenell who were also artistic leaders for the entire project. In addition to the designer, guest designers have also been invited during the project, Monica Backström, Ludvig Löfgren, Mattias Stahlbom and Jacob Solgren to name a few. Many recognized brands have been part of the project, such as Swedese, Gense and Källemo. On the textile page, the assignment has gone to Klässbols Linneväveri. A total of two projects have been completed. One of these has resulted in furniture fabrics woven in 100% wool. Each designer has made his interpretation reflected in different patterns. Matti Klenell who are born in Värmland has chosen to make an interpretation of the Schackrutan. Matti says: “For my own part it was a matter of belonging to the Klässbol square and to renew and play with the company’s legacy in an interesting way. The boxes of different sizes describe a shimmering search for a final solid shape. Of course, the cooperation with Klässbol was close to me because I am from Värmland. That’s why it’s a part of my heritage too”. A total of five different patterns were noted. All with their own identity, reflected by their respective designers. The fabrics are woven in 100% wool, which is the first time at Klässbols Linneväveri. Dick Johansson says: “We started woven in 50% linen and 50% wool, but then chose to weave completely in wool to reach a more durable product.
For example, the fabrics should be used to dress furniture and therefore require more than textiles used on the tablecloth or in the kitchen and bathroom. It has been a fun and educational process for us. The pattern images were demanding to be added when they are exposed and the threads wander between warp and weft. Projects of this kind always move positions and develop production. In addition, it is a great honor to contribute products to the National Museum.” The fabric is used for furniture produced by Offect as well as for chair cushions intended for products from basket maker Larsson in Gamla Stan. All furniture fabrics have also been used to sew up a drapery. In this, you can see the different pattern images, sewn side by side on a width of 90 cm. Which results in a beautiful, effective drawer of a total width of 4.5 meters, serving as a room divider in the restaurant.

In the near future, we will know even if we will be able to sell these textiles on our own behalf.

Väven möbeltyg design Stina Löfgren Klässbols Linneväveri foto Pia Ulin

Huset Linne

In addition to the above-mentioned designers, other designers have also been invited to various parts of the project, Jacob Solgren is one of these. Together with Klässbols Linneväveri, Jacob has produced tablecloths and napkins in 100% linen for the restaurant. The pattern is inspired by parts of the ceiling at the National Museum. A beautiful graphic pattern that appears in the natural-colored linen. In addition to napkin and canvas, Jacob Solgren has designed towels for the restaurant in a coarse, unbleached finish that gives it a beautiful structure.

A goal for the National Museum is that visitors to the museum should be given the opportunity to buy parts of the specially produced products.
From Klässbols Linneväveris range you will be able to buy both napkin and cloth and you can do the here.

Husets linne duk servett design Jakob Solgren Klässbols Linneväveri foto Pia Ulin

Foto: Pia Ulin

Husets linne linneduk och linneservett dukning 3 Klässbols Linneväveri Jacob Solgren Sand

Husets linneservett 2 Klässbols Linneväveri Jacob Solgren Sand

Husets linne linneduk och linneservett Klässbols Linneväveri Jacob Solgren Sand

You can also se the clip on our Youtube chanel

Gårdhagen linnekostymer

Far out on a promontory overlooking the Oslo Fjord, close to the picturesque Strömstad, is the Garhaagen & Kanaljen. Garhaagen & Kanaljen is a small family business, which is run with love and care. They see themselves as idealists, but firmly believe in living in harmony with nature, each other and still being able to deliver clothes in the most high quality materials. Gaardhagen & Kanaljen is a unique collection of men’s clothing produced by themselves and by fabrics in 100% linen from some of Europe’s remaining linen weavers. The idea is to create garments that you should be able to “live” in, not have to be afraid of stains and wear. All jackets and costumes eventually become “the wearer’s garments” and they are shaped according to the body’s movement patterns and thus become completely unique.

Both design and production are rooted in the men’s tailoring of the last century – and vanity. Like undertones lies a consensus of style, humor and esprit. The garment is mostly for him and offers linen costumes and linen shirts, combined with hats, shoes, and accessories from some of the world’s foremost craft companies.

Welcome to a trip back in time and welcome to shop in the shop in Klässbol.

Garhaagen & Kanaljens homepage

Royal medal to Klässbol

Dick Johansson Klässbols linneväveri tar emot Kungliga medaljen av åttonde storleken av Kung Carl XVI Gustav och Drotting Silvia. Foto Yanan Li

Dick Johansson, marketing manager and co-owner of Klässbols Linneväveri has been awarded a Royal medal by the king. It announced the court on the National Day. Now the medal has been handed out at Drottningholm Castle and is in safe custody on the linen weave in Klässbol.
– It is a medal to the company and not just to me says Dick. This is also a fine rating that what we do is appreciated and puts the impression says Dick.

Those who know Dick know that it is hard work and a lot of heart behind the award. Nothing comes for free. The family company, which is the royal court supplier since the 1970s and celebrates 100 in 2020, can testify to both success and adversity. But the most important key has always been the desire to carry the weaving tradition further. It has in turn created jobs and it is extra fun to contribute Dick says.

Klässbols Linneväveri has for a long time been fortunate to be able to manufacture products that attract attention. Some examples of these works are the production of linen duvets, tablets and napkins for the Nobel party, the Foreign Ministry, the King’s tabelcloth (which took five years to weave) and now most recently furnishings for the National Museum (Nationalmuseum). Collaboration with well-known designers and products that are shown in interior design programs on TV, such as “Summer with Ernst” has also been part of the success.

Dick Johansson gets the royal medal of eighth size with the band of Seraphim order. The motivation reads: “For meritorious efforts as a cultural carrier in Swedish business”

We would also like to congratulate Lena Sewall (author, food writer and warming companion from Värmland), who also received a medal with the statement “For significant contributions as an author.
Are you interested in which more people included the medal presentation June 2018, then the entire list is available here.

Dick Johansson Klässbols Linneväveri Kungliga medaljen

Dick Johansson, Drotting Silvia och Kung Carl XVI Gustav. Foto Yanan Li
Dick Johansson, Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustav. Photo: Yanan Li


Wedding time?

Druvklasen Klässbols linneväveri dimbla

Do you know that you can rent tablecloths? You save both money and get help along the way. (read more)

We love linen – our history on films

We love to work with linen and meet people who also love linen products and design. Together as one.
Take a few moments, watch the films below and let us tell our story and how we manage the centuries-old family tradition in to the third and fourth generation. Also learn to manage and wash your linen in the best way, and how you make the linen extra glossy. Are you also curious if you are going to visit us and go for a tour, then maybe these movies will help you decide.

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The Tourist attraction

Arvika Municipality has many fantastic tourist destinations like including Glasskogen, Olssons Brygga and Klässbols Linneväveri. Did you know that Klässbols Linneväveri is one of Värmlands most visited tourist destinations according to Arvika Tourist Office? During the summer we have several busloads every day, and we guide and host lectures. In the 80’s and 90’s we were able to receive 15’s buses a day and today there is some fewer but then a digital transformation has taken place and changed place on the visit.
Here is a movie for you who are looking forward to a physical visit.

The best way to wash and manage your linen

A first-rate linen fabric is, when well treated, beautifully shiny, smooth and cool. As a highly absorbent material, linen is an unsurpassed material for both toilet and kitchen towels, even though the great beauty of the material has lead to it being used primarily for elegant cloths, napkins, curtains and other more exclusive items.
The Film is in Swedish but you can get the instructions here

Global companies

– Klässbol is our heart!
Volvo, Thermia värmepumpar, Swegon, Klässbols Linneväveri and Westmatic are global companies placed in the municipality of Arvika. The municipality wants to highlight this in a film with the purpose of telling why the enterprise of Arvika is such a strong manufacturing area. Listen to Andreas Johansson CEO talk about it.

K&US – sustainable and long term design

Clothes can be both well-designed, colorful and at the same time friendly to both humans and the environment. K&US stands for timeless, relaxed design with fine shapes and delicate details. Sophisticated bohemian one you could say. Natural, well-preserved and sustainable, but at the same time beautiful and with passion and reflection in every detail. K&US products will of course be of high quality, but at the same time we think of a little wild and romantic. Our clothes have some patina from the start.

K&US works with natural materials such as linen, wool, silk, viscose and organic cotton. The garment is for those who like clothes that make you feel extra good day after day. K&US models feel luxurious in their unique design and clean materials. We think that when we feel a bit better, it also gives beautiful rings on the water, to the delight of many more.

The text is saxed from the clothing manufacturer K & US philosophy and you find them in the shop in Klässbol.
We have a lot of news and a lot of classics so welcome!

Book a tour at the weaving mill

Linen has been woven at Klässbol’s weaving mill for almost 100 years. Here you have the opportunity to experience the manufacturing of linen products close at hand. You can watch the entire production from warping and weaving till inspection and finished products. Our machinery contains everything from handlooms from the 19th century until complete modern weaving machines. It’s an excellent opportunity to walk around and find out more about the production on your own.You can buy first-class products at favourable fabric prices and also seconds at an even more reduced price.

300 SEK per person
For groups exceeding 30 persons we charge additionally 10 SEK each.

For booking please contact us:
Phone: +46 570 46 01 85

Welcome to an enjoyable experience of genuine swedish craftmanship!

Watch a movie as an appetizer:

Klässbols in Denmark celebrates 15 years!

Easter 2003 Else Marie Overgaard and her late husband opened up Hørhuset in Lønstrup, Denmark. Hørhuset, which means “linen house” in English, has the same goal now as then – to provide a wide unique range of high quality linen products and extensive service through enthusiasm and knowledge.

Hørhuset is a solo agency at Klässbols Linneväveris products in Denmark, but also sells home textiles and clothing from other suppliers. The philosophy are always beauty, durability and environmentally friendly. The store is located on the edge of Lønstrup – the small fishing village in the great wide nature. In the surrounding nature you will find the the sea and in the shop you will find Scandinavian design products of the highest quality – produced in Scandinavia. So benefit both the nature and the shop when you’re visiting Lønstrup.

Hørhusets homepage

2017 – ett formidabelt år

Klässbols Linneväveri Nya färgvärlden Demi Trecolore beskuren

Nu summerar vi 2017 och ser tillbaka på ett händelserikt år. Vi har bland annat tagit fram en ny färgvärld i samarbete med den rutinerade formgivaren Lena Bergström. Gamla mönster har fått nytt liv och helt nya produkter har sett dagens ljus. Den nya färgfamiljen är nominerad till Formex Formidable som avgörs på Formexmässan i Stockholm i januari.
Vill du vara med och rösta kan du göra det här.

Svensk Form Värmland utsåg Klässbols Linneväveri till årets Formbärare 2017 i Värmland. ”Vi vill hylla detta familjära företag som förvaltar och för vidare ett arv av hantverkstradition och samtidigt presenterar design som följer tiden”
Läs hela motiveringen här.

Vi var med när O-ringen arrangerades i Arvika och hade cirka 20 000 besökare från ett fyrtiotal länder under en vecka i mitten av sommaren och slog då vårt försäljningsrekord. En ny marknad har öppnat sig i Sydkorea tillsammans med den infödde designern Seoyoung Shin, som på ett skickligt sätt har presenterat våra produkter. I december vävde vi Prins Gabriels dopgåva med prinsens monogram. Prins Gabriel är son till hertigen av Värmland Prins Carl Philip och prinsessan Sofia. I december levererade vi även för 26:e året i rad dukar till Nobelfesten. Vi ser även tillbaka på ett år där vi har varit med på många mässor och marknader och våra produkter har synts i teve på bästa sändningstid.

Nu är det ett nytt år och redan i januari har vi mycket på gång där vi är med på Reiselivsmässen i Oslo och Formexmässan i Stockholm. Vi ser fram emot fler spännande händelser och vi vill passa på att tacka alla samarbetspartners, formgivare och framför allt er, våra fantastiska kunder!

Följ oss gärna på, på Facebook och Instagram
och varmt välkomna till Klässbol och till butiken i Stockholm!

Gott nytt år!

Nobel for the 26th time

Then it was time again. 10 th of December. Dick Johansson, Marketing Manager of the company, (read more)

Welcome to a new world of colors!

Klässbols holds a bonanza of unique patterns which are created over a long time. It’s a mix of classic ones like Gästabud and Schackrutan together  with more recent like Gåsöga, Bada, Norrland or the latest launch Sjumilaskogen. They all have in common  high quality, skilled craftmanship and the weaver’s concern about the fabric. The new world of colors is a development work which will answer questions like: what is needed today and what will last in the future? Now Klässbols presents its latest great launch which features a new world of colors. A total make-over of the entire collection has been done in close cooperation with the well-known designer Lena Bergström. A library of colors has been created as a base  for the present and the future. The long-term work is based on families of colors which have been brought from nature and other things that affects it. These basic colors will last, while the accent colors will change as time goes by.
The ongoing color work has lasted for almost three years. It has been one of the greatest challenges in our nearly 100 years of history. Never before has the weaving mill made a similar makeover of its collection. Several of our most classic products like Schackrutan, Citron, Stavnäsrutan and Fiskmåsen will get new life with the new colors. Some will be removed to leave room for entirely new products like Demi and Trecolore. All colors will not be available for all products, but the color pallet will have an impact on most of them and will be gently allocated where it suits best.
The intention of this new world of colors is to connect the products to each other and thereby facilitate to match them with each other better than ever before. If you for example choose a lightblue tablecloth, there will always be similar color tones in other products. You should not feel restricted, but it should be possible to change, take away or add without making impression or change too strong.

Klässbols Linneväveri welcomes you to our new world of colors and ask the question -what colors are you?

Demi and Trecolore, new products at Klässbols Linneväveri.

Demi and Trecolore were the first products to come out of the new color world.

Klässbols Linneväveri Nya färgvärlden Demi Trecolore

Demi kudde hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Lena Bergström

Demi is a new pillow series in the interior design segment, designed by Lena Bergström. Demi is a fine example of how the expression can vary through different weaving techniques. Lena Bergström explains: “On one side, the binding is the tissue satin. In this one you see the weft yarn even more. On the opposite side, the bond is panama, which gives a more equilateral expression. The result is a textile that is perceived as solid color with a different structure. It gets more “body” in its expression “.
Demi is a nice addition to the previous range in the interior design segment of Klässbols. A grateful product to change the expression in the room with simple means.

Gardin Trecolore hellinne Klässbols linneväveri Lena Bergström rostbrun|Color:rostbrun

The new Trecolore curtain series was born during the production process of the new color library. During the test weaves with a sparse warp in white, sand and black with different colors in the weft, one could more clearly see the differences and the different shifts in each warp color. The test fabrics presented beautiful, shiny textiles with three vertical stripes in colors as well-complemented existing assortment and create the opportunity to decorate with timeless textiles. Lena Bergström says: “As a consumer, interior designer and architect, I believe that a color within three different denominations can provide an exciting color spectrum within” same “color. A kind of “staple commodity” with treasure. The vertical stripes also enhance the room. “

Satin – a nice color palette of napkins

Satin servett linne Klässbols Studio linneväveri

Classics get new life with the new colors.

It is fully weaved in the weaving mill and not only new products are produced without classics such as Daldräll, Fiskmåsen, Citron, Schackrutan, Grape Klasen, Linjal and Gärdet get new life with new selected colors.

Klässbols Linneväveri Nya färgvärlden nygamla produkter

Old classics get new life with the new colors. Here we see vi Daldräll, Schackrutan, Citron, Gärdet, Linjal, Fiskmåsen, Druvklasen and Satin.

Klässbols Linneväveri en ny färgvärld Linjal handdukar

The “new” ruler hangs on the wall of the store in Klässbol.


Klässbols Linneväveri en ny färgvärld Gärdet handdukar
Likewise, Gärdet does with its chosen colors. 

Gärdet duk hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Karl-Åke Johansson olivgrön

… If you have your favorite colors since before then you can now get them in new vintage with new color names.
For example, a blue is today called “blue jeans” and differs slightly in the color.


Klässbols Linneväveri en ny färgvärld Citron duk

The canvas The grape bunch is a real classic and also has it many years on the neck and has been in many colors.
Why not use it as a wall decoration?

Award-winning “Gåsöga” collection in new colors

Tablecloth, runner, napkins, table mats, pillows hand towels in Misty Green, Misty Blue, Rust, Powder Pink, Jeans Blue and Graphite.

Gåsöga linprodukter duk löpare servetter kuddar handdukar trecolore gardin nya färger Klässbols Linneväveri Margot Barolo Ulrika Mårtensson

Gåsöga löpare nya färger Klässbols Linneväveri Margot Barolo Ulrika Mårtensson

Gåsöga linprodukter duk löpare servetter kuddar handdukar nya färger Klässbols Linneväveri Margot Barolo Ulrika Mårtensson Stavnäs hembygdsgård

The Nobel price

In December every year is it time for one of the world’s most attentive events-the Nobel Prize. (read more)

Gastaldi sängkläder i lager

Now there is a large assortment of exclusive linens from Italian Gastaldi (read more)

Gåsöga textile of the year 2016

Gåsöga duk Margot Barolo Ulrika Mårtensson Klässbols

WE WON! Gåsöga “TEXTILE OF THE YEAR 2016”. Klässbols with designers Margot Barolo and Ulrika Mårtensson received the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award for the product/collection GÅSÖGA.

February 8 ELLE Decoration Arts shared prises out on a grand gala at the Café Opera, Stockholm. In the category “TEXTILE OF THE YEAR” Klässbols won with designers Margot Barolo and Ulrika Mårtensson the ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards for the product/collection GÅSÖGA .

Jury statement: A masterful and ingenious update of a traditional textile patterns.

“It is incredible that we have Margot and Ulrika among our designers and how they prudently elegantly updated Gåsögat to what it is today! To start the year by getting one of Sweden’s finest design awards feels wonderful! – Says Andreas Johansson, CEO, Klässbols”.

Shop Gåsöga

Gåsöga linne duk Klässbols Linneväveri Margot Barolo Ulrika Mårtenson

Gåsöga linne servett löpare Klässbols Linneväveri Margot Barolo Ulrika Mårtenson

Gåsöga handdukar Klässbols Linneväveri Margot Barolo Ulrika Mårtenson

Gåsöga Klässbols årets textil 2016

Shop Gåsöga here

Now in five new color

The fall 2018 we released five new colors and you can red about them here.

Gåsöga linprodukter duk löpare servetter kuddar handdukar nya färger Klässbols Linneväveri Margot Barolo Ulrika Mårtensson Stavnäs hembygdsgård

Lin – for the environment

Klassbols linneväveri servett

As early as the Stone Age, people were also to dress linen, even if the major part was (read more)

The Bada collection

BADA badlakan Klässbols Linneväveri Lena Bergström

The work of the collection has gone on for 1½ years in close cooperation with the master weavers Urban Johansson and Stefan Johansson. – It’s great to be working with these experienced and skilled craftsmen directly on the looms of Klässbols in Värmland Lena says and continues: The focus has been to find beautiful and light qualities for each application – towel, bath towel and kimono. All grades should be fine oman sail as well as mangled. The collection has a graphic base in black, silver, gray and white.

Bada handdukar hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Lena Bergström intervall smooth smalrand ruta sand turkos

Bada handduk hellinne Klässbols Llinneväveri Lena Bergström slät/turkos|Color:slatturkos

BADA linne handduk klässbols linneväveri Lena Bergström intervall

BADA towels are woven 100% flax with different graphical surfaces, marine irregular lines but also to the characteristic Klässbols squares. The quality is designed to be thin and a bit dry so that water on the hands can be easily dried.

Bada badlakan linne Klässbols Linnevävari Lena Bergström

Bada badlakan hellinne Klässbols Llinneväveri Lena Bergström turkos sand

BADA towels consists of a mixed quality. Lin and a new environmentally friendly cellulose fiber Tencel, whose properties are similar to flax making them excellent to combine the weaving. The quality is designed to be thick yet lightweight. Våffelbindningen create an appearance almost as small eddies with good absorbency. BADA kimono is among the quality of cotton and linen. Cotton absorbency and flax for its glory. The structure itself is designed so that it forms small “air pockets”. These pockets form a kind of thermal power that holds the heat. – I wanted to develop a quality that is something between thick terry cloth coat and a thin cotton kimono. The aim is that it should not be too heavy and that it breathes.

Kimono Kimono

BADA kimono is unisex and is adapted for women as well as men. It shall serve as an elegant garment from home for casual occasions. Not just for the bath, but also for “snuggle” says Lena.

Produced by Kreatörerna & Web Kreativ
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