• Klässbols lin linne gåsöga


    Gåsöga are among the most famous designs we have from the Swedish design tradition. Designed by Margot Barolo and Ulrika Mårtensson. 100 percent linen.


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  • Klässbols lin linne kök


    We have most of the kitchen. Towels, table cloths, napkins, table mats. In the background Gärdet, a simple pattern, robust quality.


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  • Ny formgivning av Lena Rahult

    Our designers

    We have worked with several renowned designers, both national and international. One of them is Lena Rahoult.

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  • Klässbols Linneväveri handduk Lin

    Washing instructions

    Linen products can be washed at high temperature, recommended 60 degrees. Should not tumble! Can happily mangled or ironed on high heat for a nice shine.

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    • Nobel servett Ingrid Dessau Klässbols Linneväveri


      Linen is a natural material that is sustainable in a double sense. It has survived synthetic period and patience to use. It’s hard to rip out their linen products.

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    • Kimono


      Upholstery collection Norrland is designed by Lena Bergström and inspired by nature. It is a durable fabric that got Elle Interior Design Award in 2006.


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  • Kimono


    The kimono is part of the new Bada collection is unisex and is equally suitable for men as for women. Comfortable to wrap up in after the bath or to use as a dressing gown.


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  • Vardagsrum Klässbols Linneväveri


    Decorate your living room with linen products ! Here you’ll find pillows to the sofa , table runners and sheer curtains.


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About Klässbols

Klässbols is a family business that dates from the late 1800’s. It is now the third and fourth generation to run the company. Production is located in Klässbol outside Arvika, where there is also a shop and cafe. Klässbols and flax equals quality, and there are products for every room. Royal Warrant since 1970 and is among other things cloths to Nobell party. While preserving the old, traditional designs, they take up new, modern. They collaborate with renowned designers, both national and international. Klässbols has won several design awards, the latest Elle Decorations gala where the collection Gåsöga was named “Best Textile”.

Cinita i butiken Klässbols linneväveri

Opening hours Easter

What fits better than a trip to the weaving mill, the shop in Klässbol and the coffee mill in the Easter? Welcome to Klässbol! We are open: ...

KaffeKvarnen i Klässbol

The kvarnen is opened

Located close to the factory (250 m) is KaffeKvarnen, a café that offers a harmonious complement to your visit. Here you can buy ice cream, pastry ...

Bada kollektionen klässbols lin linne


The work of the collection has gone on for 1½ years in close cooperation with the master weavers Urban Johansson and Stefan Johansson. R...


Wedding time

Are you getting married, you do know that you can rent cloths with us? Or are you at the wedding? Then you can buy many fine gifts from us, there i...

Gåsöga Årets textil 2016 Klässbols Linneväveri Margot Barolo och Ulrika Mårtensson

Gåsöga – textile of the year 2016

Klässbols with designers Margot Barolo and Ulrika Mårtensson received the Elle Decoration Design Swedish Awards for the product / collection GÅSÖGA.

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Klässbols for all the family

In Klässbol is even more destinations and attractions. For example, the coffee grinder, which is part of Klässbols. But even Klässbols confectionery, where you yourself will be involved and make sweets. There are a lot of nature and in the summer you can swim at the beach in the harbor.

Naturen i Klässbols


Klässbol is beautifully situated at the lake Glafsfjorden , where there is both fishing and swimming. ...


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