Klässbols Linneväveri

Tiger of Sweden kavaj av Klässbolslinne

Tiger of Sweden dress in Klässbols linen

Have you always wanted a clothing collection in one of Klässbol’s patterns and linen? Modern and stylish from a reputable fashion company? Guess what, it is here!

About a year ago, a collaboration between Tiger of Sweden and Klässbols began. A projekt where Tiger produced a summer collection of Klässbols linen that creates a balance between the craft heritage and the pursuit of innovation – to create something unexpected and unique, as Tiger of Sweden describes it.

Tiger of Sweden is one of Sweden’s most fashionable fashion houses. They were established as early as 1903 and have since been responsible for design with the aim of giving people self-confidence through stylish fashion. They are constantly working to ensure that we have a responsible and sustainable approach to our clothes. Klässbols has a lot in common with the fashion house in terms of sustainability and awareness. Even a hundred-year-old legacy to manage. It has made the collaboration extra fun and it increases our effort towards more sustainable methods and commitment to buying locally and at the same time celebrating craft traditions.

For Her

The Daldräll pattern is one of the oldest and most traditional patterns. Here the pattern is used in a jacket and skirt. A smooth unbleached linen is used for Shorts and Tank Top who complemented the look. The color of the warp is unbleached.

For Him

Here the Daldräll pattern has been used for jackets and shorts as well. The color is misty blue as we call it in Klässbol, but Tiger calls it Blue Horizon.

Jacket in smooth unbleached linen fabric. Also available as trousers.

The colour palette is defined by neutral earthy tones reminiscent of natural fibres, accented with strong contrasts of pop colours. Accessories are elevated throughout the collection, intertwining craft with function coupled with directional detailing.

Se the collection on Tiger of Swedens website and in their stores. 

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Klässbols Linneväveriets prismottagare tog emot av VD Andreas Johansson, Cenita Johansson Åsen och Dick Johansson, några av väveriets ägare -Flankerade av Niklas Löfberg och Mikael Löfberg (vänster), samt Therese Gustafsson och Kathrine Löfberg (höger)

We won the Löfberg Family Business Award 2022!

I fredags var det äntligen dags. Galan 100° Karlstad hölls och under fredagen fick vi ta emot priset Löfberg Family Business Award 2022! Vi är så stolta och oerhört tacksamma, något som vår..

hundra grader karlstad

Vi är nominerade till Löfberg Family Business award 2022!

Det är med stor glädje som vi kan meddela att vi är nominerade till Löfberg Family Business award 2022. Vi är otroligt stolta över

Klässbols in collaboration with fashion designer Lars Nilsson creates IV Klöver Collection

A beautiful pattern with a clear connection to nature and inspiration by Louise de Vilmorin.

Blandade produkter i linblomsgrön Klässbols linneväveri

Say hello to Flax green

The color replaces light green colors such as lime, light green and green.

Sophie Jungkvist textildesigner Klässbols porträttfoto Magnus Lersten

Sophie stretches the textile boundaries

Read the student from Borås Textile Academy’s own words about how the mentioned textiles were produced.

Gammalt mönster av Druvklasen Klässbols Linneväveri

About Druvklasen pattern

When Hjalmar, Klässbol’s founder, finished his textile education, he brought two books home to Värmland…

Julia på Stampen and the seagulls

Read about Julia at Stampen who returned from America in 1915 and settled in Klässbol.

Köp lingarn på rulle hos oss

Buy linen yarn from us!

Now you can buy lingerie directly from our warehouse!

Personlig service

Handla med personlig service i våra butiker

Vill du handla hos oss men känner osäkerhet i att vistas bland andra? Testa vår personliga service!

Gärdet och Asp, bordsdukning med skogen som inspiration

Duka med “skogarnes hemlighet”

Använd din fantasi och skapa middagsdukningar influerad av naturens egen rytm. Se exempel på sensommar/höstdukningar ifrån butikerna.

Linolja och linoljesåpa från Värmlands linkompani

Popular linseed oil in our range

Värmlands Linkompani is a small linseed oil company not far from Klässbol. You can now buy there fantastiskt products at our stores.

Butiken i Klässbol. Utdrag ur filmen om Klässbols Linneväveri besöksnäring i Värmland

Find our stores Opening hours easily

Are you gonna visit us? In Klässbol we are open mon-fri 9-18, sat 10-16. Store in Stockholm Thursday Saturday 11-16.

Hanne Vedel linneprodukter Anne, Line och Marie

New products by Hanne Vedel

The collaboration with Danish Hanne Vedel continues and we are now launching table runners, towels and napkins named after her grandchildren.

Wanja Djanaieff designer Klässbols Linneväveri Himmel och Helvete

Heaven and Hell by Wanja Djanaieff

Heaven and Hell is a damask story in modern vintage that affirms our roots. The series was developed by Wanja Djanaieff in collaboration with Swedish handcraft.

Gästabud duk av Vitalis Johansson Klässbols Linneväveri

Choose right size for the tablecloth

If you are not sure which size of canvas / cloth to choose, we give you some help along the way.

Artikel om Glaskogen och dess omgivning The New York Times Magasin

Glaskogen och Klässbols i New York Times

Attention to Glaskogen and its surroundings in Västvärmland is reaching new heights.

Klässbols får besök av Japansk TV med anledning av Kunglig hovleverantör

Klässbols visited by Japanese TV NHK Chanel 9

In connection with the coronation of Japan’s new emperor Naruhito, Japanese TV Watch News 9 NHK visited Klässbols Stockholm as one of two royal court suppliers.

Kalla den diskduk, disktrasa eller torkduk, allt går lika bra. En hållbar naturprodukt från Klässbols Linneväveri som finns i 10 olika färger

Wash and dishcloth for your whole home.

A dishwasher / cloth for all rooms keeps your home dry and fresh in an environmentally friendly way. The natural product has a long life and is free of microfibre.

Bröllop i det fria. Krans & Krona linneduk vit Krans & Krona vit klässbols Wanja Djanaieff ovanifrån

In sickness and health – linen for the wedding

We have linen tablecloth and napkins for the wedding and help you to choose the right one. A large part of our customers also buy wedding gifts from us.

I butiken i Klässbol har bolstertyger för köp och visning. Foto Tommy Pedersen

Bolster both inside and out

Spice up your summer cottage with new fabric or bring a pillow out in the hammock! We have Bolster in narrow, middle and wide stripe in different colors.

Jenne Adén Klässbols Linneväveri linnehanddukar Säter och Haga

About Jennie Adén’s towels Säter and Haga

The linen towels Säter and Haga are of classic weave patterns and techniques by Jennie Aden. They should really be used without ironed deleted or mangled.

Kvinna som skördar lin. Klässbols Linneväveri hållbart och ekologisk

Be a linen club member!

Take your interest in linen products one step further. Join the Linen Club and get tips, happenings and offers before everyone none members!

Keep updated. Join the linen club!

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