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Wermlands Linkompani raw cold-pressed linseed oil

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Linseed oil from Wermlands Linkompani. A small linseed oil press in the heart of Värmland that produces cold-pressed raw linseed oil and linseed cake from Swedish linseed in the traditional way. With their own linseed oil as a basis, they also manufacture others such as linseed soap, you can buy it here. This linseed oil is a natural product free from additives and has a fantastic ability to care for and protect the wood and other materials. It can also be used to dilute egg oil tempera, linseed oil putty, or store brushes between painting sessions.

Use: Apply the linseed oil to a cloth or similar and rub it into the object. Consider the risk of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, it is important that you wet rags and the like with water, seal them in a bag and throw them away after use.

Available as 1 liter and 200ml bottles.

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