Stone brigde in Karlstad table runner - Klässbols Linneväveri

Stone brigde in Karlstad table runner

From: 843 SEK


Pure linen


Designers Helena Bengtsson
Klässbols Linneväveri royal supplier

Background: Helena Bengtsson designed a collection with a Karlstad theme for Klässbols. Stonebridge, water, sun and ducal crown became the four elements of the pattern. It was difficult to ignore the city’s own logotype, which is the sun, but I was determined to do my own interpretation. I also see the people of Karlstad as suns, and I see the sun shining between our bridges, being reflected in the water”. Helena included all 12 arches of the stone bridge on the hand towel. I wanted to create a pattern that will remain timeless. Klarälven river flows through the bridge’s arches like a mirror, reflecting sun and stars. The crown is inspired by the golden ducal crown at the county governor’s residence that appears to have disappeared for a while”, says Helena.

Shrinkage: All listed sizes refer to unwashed tissue. Expect a shrinkage of about 5-7% in both length and width in connection with first wash.
For unbleached linen: Soak the towel before washing and wash at 80° C. Continue to wash the table runner at 60° C. Follow the washing instructions.


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