linen mangle

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Cold ironing of tablecloths, sheets and napkins are a centuries-old tradition in the Nordic countries. The principle, that with help of two rollers squeezes cloths and bed linen with a lot of pressure, allows an easy and timesaving way to smooth laundry. For linen, a common material in sheets and towels, is cold mangling the best option to give the fabric its original and fine luster. The heat from hot irons and ironing destroys the fibers in the fabric and makes it dull. Another advantage of cold mangling is that the laundry does not produce as much dust. This is mainly positive for all allergy sufferers. The laundry is also easier to handle and fits better in the linen closet.

800 is a powerful custom made model that is ergonomic to use. 800 is a Swedish-made shortage of 80 cm wide mangelta and front plate for easier input. It also has a finger-protected control gate that automatically stops the rollers if you get too close with your fingers.

800 is best supplemented with tripod xxxxx.

Technical data:
Width: 1100 mm
Depth: 385 mm
Height: 360 mm
Weight: 16 kg
Length of mangle rolls: 780 mm
Diameter of mangle rolls : 108 mm
Roll-pressure: ca. 400 kg
Mangle cloth of uncoloured linen, length: 1,3 m
Electrical connection: 222 v 1-phase~
Connected load: 100 W
(equipped with 2 m connection cable and earthed plug)


The shortage is S-marked and approved by the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health of Sweden.

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