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Iris Hantverk – Kitchen sponge 2-pack

Price: 105 SEK

Klässbols Linneväveri royal supplier

Kitchen sponge made from 100% loofah. This plant is related to cucumber and zucchini. Loofah is organically and sustainably grown in Spain. No spraying is used and irrigation is done with the help of natural rain and recycled thermal water. In the production, no chemicals are used, but only 43-degree thermal water, which softens the fiber. When the sponge gets wet, it becomes softer and larger. It works on all surfaces as it neither scratches nor destroys any materials. It is ideal to use as a kitchen sponge or general cleaning sponge.

Care instructions: Clean the mushroom by placing it in boiling water with mild detergent. Rinse it off and let it smell dry, use the hank. If it changes color or becomes too soft, it is time to put it on the compost. The sponge lasts about 4-6 months depending on use.

Specification: Weight 15 grams, Length 12.5 cm, Width 8.3 cm

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