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KaliFlower – Organic Conditioner – Nettle

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Conditioner from KaliFlowers Organics. This Nettle Botanical Hair Conditioner with Argan- and Jojoba oil. Lavender & Lemongrass essential oils. This botanical hair conditioner is based on an infusion of the wonderful little plant Urtica dioica (Stinging nettle), which is packed with nutrients. The nettles are picked early in the spring and immediately dried to keep all the good stuff in.

Combine with Shampoo Nässla, you find it here.

But of course, the herbs are just the base. We also added carefully selected active nourishing and structure-enhancing nutritional supplements, such as:
• Organic Argan Oil – renowned as a great hair oil used to protect, nurture and strengthen the hair, perfect in hair treatments.
Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, carotene and plant sterols.

• Organic Jojoba oil – a unique and slightly waxy oil that feels velvety. Jojoba oil binds moisture and is a great hair oil for dry and lifeless hair.

• D-panthenol (pro vitamin B5) is used as humectant and regeneration of hair care products.

• Soy protein – a nutritional, water-soluble active substance from soybean (GMO-free). Acts nourishing and protective in hair care products such as conditioners.

This conditioner is, just like the shampoo, pH-balanced with lactic acid (not Citric acid!)
Free from parabens, silicones, SLS, lauryl sulphate, PEGs, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

This conditioner has the same lovely fragrance as the shampoo, calming Lavender and Lemongrass, which comes from organic steamdestilled essential oils.

250 ml (8,45 fl Oz) recyclable PET bottle with tin screw top.

INCI: aqua, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine*, cetyl alcohol, simmondsia chinenesis*, argania spinosa*, cyamopsis tetragonoloba gum*, soy protein*, urtica dioica leaf*, panthenol vitamin B5, lactic acid*, dehydroacetic acid sodium salt*, lavandula angustifolia*, cymbopogon flexuosus*, limonen, linalool.


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