Gläntan curtains 120 cm wide - Klässbols Linneväveri

Gläntan curtains 120 cm wide

Price: 945 SEK/meter


Designers Klässbols Studio

100% linen


Klässbols Linneväveri royal supplier

Gläntan is a beautiful perforated linen curtain. A curtain that will be a beautiful detail in all the windows of the house. One of our weavers, John Johansson, fourth generation Johansson, actually wanted to weave another linen product and after making a pattern for it in our studio he started weaving a pattern of it. He did the sample and the fabric fell apart, it became a sort of circular weave and it wasn’t quite how he had imagined it to be. He showed the sample to a colleague who cheerfully said, “That’s a hole curtain!”. John interrupted the project he thought he was creating and proceeded to make a curtain.

Lace curtains are difficult to make on weaving machines and with our machines you have to adjust the machine to the curtain as lace curtains are usually woven by hand.” – John

Weaving technique: The hole curtain Gläntan is woven on a white warp with white or unbleached color elements. If a specific color is required, just contact us. But with the help of the jacquard, a round weave is woven.
Width: 120cm
Colours: white and brown.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: All sizes refer to unwashed fabric. Expect about 2% shrinkage in both length and width the first time you wash it. The washing temperature should be 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

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