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Kitchen and washcloth

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100 % Linen


Designers Klässbols Studio
Klässbols Linneväveri royal supplier


The product has its background in the cleaning aids / textiles used before when synthetic products was invented. As you probably know, flax grows in fields and does not develop in the laboratory. This product is completely free of harmful microplastics that destroy our water and eventually end up in fish, other animals and finally in the human body.

If you use the washcloth daily, it will last for about 2-3 years. And we know that flax is a durable natural product, but do you know that flax and linen products have a lifespan of 20-30 years before they need to be replaced (if you use and handle them in a normal way of course). Compare that to, for example, cotton that has a life span of about 3 years. So it pays of to use flax.

So with Klässbols eco-labeled wash cloths for your whole home, you keep your surfaces fresh in an environmentally friendly way. You can, with good conscience, rinse them as many times you like, daily, and they should be washed over and over again. They come in 10 colors so you can assign them different parts of your home, one for the kitchen, one for the garage, one for the laundry room, etc. Or just because you like variety.

The dishcloth has the same waffle binding as our popular bath towel BADA, which is designed to be thick yet lightweight. The waffle bond creates an appearance with small swirls and has good absorbency.

NOTE! The product is delivered unwashed and releases linen in the first washes, but it diminishes after a few washes. The red is recommended to be washed separately, and preferably in a laundry bag. The product should not be ironed or mangled, just let it air dry.


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