K&US linneklänningar

K&US – sustainable and long term design

Clothes can be both well-designed, colorful and at the same time friendly to both humans and the environment.K&US stands for timeless, relaxed design with fine shapes and delicate details. Sophisticated bohemian one you could say. Natural, well-preserved and sustainable, but at the same time beautiful and with passion and reflection in every detail. K&US products will of course be of high quality, but at the same time we think of a little wild and romantic. Our clothes have some patina from the start.

K&US works with natural materials such as linen, wool, silk, viscose and organic cotton. The garment is for those who like clothes that make you feel extra good day after day. K&US models feel luxurious in their unique design and clean materials. We think that when we feel a bit better, it also gives beautiful rings on the water, to the delight of many more.

The text is saxed from the clothing manufacturer K & US philosophy and you find them in the shop in Klässbol.
We have a lot of news and a lot of classics so welcome!

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