Urban Johansson knyter i ny varp i vävmaskinen. Klässbols Linneväveri


Klässbols Linneväveri har fått två nya ägare. Från vänster - Andreas Johansson (fjärde generationen), Dick Johansson (tredje generationen), John Johansson (fjärde generationen) och Urban Johansson (tredje)
Från vänster – Andreas Johansson (fjärde generationen), Dick Johansson (tredje generationen), John Johansson (fjärde generationen) och Urban Johansson (tredje)

Or new and new, it’s none other than Andreas Johansson, CEO since 2003, and John Johansson, weaver and lean coordinator, joining as owners. They now become equal shareholders alongside their cousins Stefan Johansson and Cenita Johansson Åsen. This marks the first time that four cousins (fourth generation) own the company. As of last Wednesday, everything was finalized, but it has been long planned.


Klässbols Linen Mill, which currently employs 22 people, has been in the same family’s ownership since its inception 103 years ago. With the change in ownership, the company will, for the first time in its 103-year history, be owned by cousins, all belonging to the fourth generation. A brief overview of the individuals behind the ownership change:

Andreas Johansson grew up in Klässbol, not far from the linen mill. He started his working career at 14 years old as a summer worker in production and later in sales. After graduating, Andreas took a break from the company for military service for 1.5 years. In 2001, Andreas returned to Klässbol and now serves as the CEO of the company, a position he has held since 2003.

Dick Johansson, of the third generation, began his career at Klässbols at 14 years old. In 1975, Dick took over Klässbols Linen Mill from his father, Vitalis Johansson, along with his brothers Sven-Olof and Torbjörn Johansson. Like his brothers, Dick started as a weaver but has primarily worked in sales, marketing, and has been the CEO for many years during his time at the company. After 59 years of activity, Dick is not letting go entirely but will continue as a board member and senior advisor.

John Johansson also grew up in Klässbol, Billingsberg, and started his working career as a summer worker in production. After graduating and several years as a substitute in production, he became a permanent employee in 2016. Today, John works with weaving, warping, and pattern development and has over the years built up his knowledge base to be production manager alongside cousin Stefan.

Urban Johansson, of the third generation, started his career as a weaver right after graduating. But as early as 14 years old, he worked summer jobs in the weaving mill. Urban is the youngest of the third generation and joined as an owner in 1988. Throughout his 48 years at the company, Urban has worked in production, especially in weaving, but in recent years also a lot with pattern development. In 1996, Urban received the “Swedish Design” award for his Linjal design. Urban will remain with the company part-time and be a resource for production.”

This translation aims to convey the detailed history and generational transitions of Klässbols Linen Mill to an English-speaking audience, emphasizing the continuity and dedication of the Johansson family to their craft.


This spring, a lot of things will be happening at Klässbols Linen Mill. Among these activities, we are making a significant investment in our machinery, launching new products within our linen range, and much more.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your congratulations and encouragement. Without you, we are nothing! A big thank you to you from us.

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