Destinations in the area of Arvika - Klässbols Linneväveri

Naturen i Klässbols

Kean on visit Arvika and the surrounding area? Below we have listed some gems.
NOTE! Due to Covid 19, opening hours and offerings are subject to change at short notice. Therefore, always see the respective websites for updated info.

Nature and tourism

Klässbol is beautifully situated by the lake Glafsfjorden. There are both fishing opportunities and a swimming area. On the other side of the Glafsfjorden finns Glaskogen nature reserve who gives you fantastic nature experiences.
Truly fabilous even for The New York Times Style Magazine, who made an article you can read here.

Utsikt över Happie Camps wood frame tält i Glaskogen Arvika

Happie Camp – a magical nature experience hidden in beautiful nature

“A network of close to nature accommodation with high comfort. The purpose of our Happie Camps is to make it easier for people to get out into privacy and enjoy nature undisturbed, alone or in good company.”
Get close to nature and let yourself be swept into the blanket of pleasure that Happie Camp’s stays provide. Skip tent and food packing, just decide where and when. You also find Klässbol products in the Wood Frame tents…

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In the Arvika area, the artistic vein is constantly present. Here arts and crafts knowledge sometimes are inherited as well-known and rising artists live and work here. If you want to buy from them, you can visit Arvika Konsthantverk, where many of them are members of the community. Of course, Arvika does not only provide arts and crafts and if you want to know more about trade and shopping in the Arvika area, then visit Arvika Shopping och Visit Värmlands webbplats

In Klässbol, you experience the weaving and manufacturing of our linen products up close. All year round. Here you can go exploring on your own or book a guided tour in advance. Read more about our guided tours here. In the store and showroom, you shop with access to our entire range at very favorable factory prices. We also have a second sorting and special products that are outside our standard range. We also sell Iris Hantverk, K&US and Kanaljen / Gårdhagen’s linen clothes, linseed oil soap from Klässbols Linkompani and other selected items that can suit your home.

Welcome to experience a genuine Swedish craft!

Eat drink and taste

Did you know that around 20,000 kg of shrimp are consumed per year for the shrimp sandwiches served in Värmskog? Incredible figures but also a hint at how worth a visit can be in these areas. Beautiful nature and genuine urban environment are also significant with this part of Värmland.

Klässbols Linneväveri Kaffekvarnen café och lunch


In close proximity to the weaving mill (250 m) is KaffeKvarnen, which harmoniously complements your visit to Klässbol. Here you buy ice cream during the season, coffee from your own bakery, lunch or enjoy a glass of wine and à la carte. All in an environment that testifies to the gathering point of the time. The environment at KaffeKvarnen is both interior and exterior award-winning. KaffeKvarnen is owned by Klässbols Linneväveri, but is today run by tenant Staffan Kjellberg. The premises are extremely suitable for weddings, birthdays, private parties, etc.

Opening Hours:
Open for season april 30th 10-16
For more information:
Tel: 073-067 64 66

Värmskog och Värmskogs Café

15 minutes from the weaving mill is the café which is known for its huge shrimp sandwiches and its beautiful lakeside environment. Open spring to fall. The café is part of the White Guide and in connection there is now an ice cream bar where you can also buy organic and locally produced sweets, snacks, honey, marmalade, Värmland locally produced beer and more.
Värmskogs Cafés website

Nordells konditori

If you are in Arvika, you must not miss Nordell’s patisserie, which is located on the square in Arvika. It always offers fresh baked bread from your own bakery, cakes, pastries and coffee. Nordells is part of the White Guide.
Nordells konditoris hemsite

Olssons Brygga

Olssons Brygga is one of Värmland’s most popular restaurants and entertainment facilities with a total capacity of 2,000 visitors. The complex consists of a restaurant, two outdoor cafes, lounge conference and party rooms, bars, nightclub and two live stages. In August every year, Arvika Hamnfest is held which attracts both artists and visitors from near and far. The business also operates Oleary´s in Arvika and several restaurants in Karlstad.
Olssons Bryggas website

Elins Bakgård

Be stunned by Elin’s backyard which has recently sailed up as a given lunch restaurant to recommend. Beautiful both inside and out in the courtyard. The food is good and healthy and the big theme is soups.
Elins bakgårds website


Next door to Arvika’s classic and beautiful cinema Palladium is Restaurant Regi located. Enjoy experiences for all the senses. The supply is regulated according to the season. Eat elk, beef tenderloin, char, raw beef, vegetarian, burgers and other goodies. Everything is made with extra love.
Regis website

More tips at Visit Arvika’s website:

Art, Culture and Music

In the vicinity of Klässbol there are a large number of cultural attractions and museeum.
The nearest town is Arvika, but the countryside also has its pearls. Here is a selection.


Rackstadmuseet is one of the country’s most beautiful art museums and a popular destination for both local and international visitors. The museum is founded at the sculptor Christian Eriksson’s family home and in addition to the museum’s exhibitions in the main building, Christian Eriksson’s Oppstuhage can be visited during the summer season.
Rackstadmuseets website

Sliperiet Borgvik

A few miles south you will find Sliperiet in Borgvik – art gallery and gastronomy. In Sliperiet’s unique environment where cultural heritage meets modern art gallery and countryside meets the urban, an atmosphere is formed that makes Sliperiet a memory for life. Every year, between May and September, they present a multifaceted group exhibition where renowned artists meet new ones on the rise. In the restaurant Sliperiet Gastronomi, food made from scratch is served with fantastic ingredients. Travel time approx: 40 min.
Sliperiet i Borgviks website

Ingesunds musikhögskola

Hans Ek, Björn J:son Lindh, Erland Hagegård, Rigmor Gustafsson, the list can made long by Swedish outstanding musicians, composers, artists who have studied at Ingesund Academy of Music. Due to the range and the musical breadth that flows through the buildings at the shores of the Glafsfjord, the place is not only one of Sweden’s widest but also one of the world’s. We witness this especially when Glafsfjorden’s music festival kicks off in January every year.
Many other concert dates and you will find them below:
Evenemang Ingesund musikhögskola

Arvika musik

Concerts, associations, events, clubs, educations, musicians, videos, lists… If you want to find out more than what you read about in the magazine or on Facebook, feel free to look at Arvika music’s website.
Arvika musiks hemsida

Ritz Arvika

The Ritz – cultural scene, meeting place and creative rooms – recently opened after a thorough renovation and some remodeling. The house was originally built as a Folkets Hus 1967-68. Here, people have got involved, Jözze-Jassen filled the house with music, the organizers’ association Galaxen rowed the Arvika Festival and teenagers danced disco. The name Ritz comes from the café that was inaugurated in the house in 1968.
Read more on Arvika kommuns website and take part of the shows on the Facebook page

Biograf Palladium

The Palladium film house was built in 1925 and belongs to one of Sweden’s oldest cinemas. The cinema was fully renovated where modern mixes in good harmony with the old was fitted. The cinema has 2 lounges with modern technology in sound and image. Dolby 7.1 sound and 3D in both salons. Salon 1 has VIP balconies, wheelchair spaces and is located on the entrance level and has 129 seats. Salon 2 is on the second floor and has 42 seats.
Buy tickets at Palladiums website

Take part of more attractions in Värmland area at Visit Värmlands website

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