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For your bathroom we have timeless and modern towels, bath towels and kimono in linen. Linen is a durable natural fiber with very good absorbency, which makes it ideal in bathrooms and kitchens where surfaces are often wet. Flax dries quickly, which means that the acidic odor that can occur in, for example, cotton products rarely occurs. The smooth surface of the fiber also easily removes dust and dirt stains. Therefore, you do not need to wash as often, which in turn means that a linen towel or linen bath towel provides great benefits in durability. If you like bathing holidays you know your towel gets wet over and over again. Simply let the wind wander through the fibers and happily marvel at how fast the drying time is.. Read more...Close

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  • Grönaktig
  • Bronsbrun
  • Blåaktig
  • Svart
Table cloth size
Rec. pendant per table side is about 30 cm.
Table runner size
Contact us if you want special lengths.
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