Peter Condu - Klässbols Linneväveri

Peter Condu

Peter Condu

“Linen is Sweden's silk.”

“New forms of a classical material. Products that will work in both traditional and modern surroundings. And work for a long time. Linen is a material that lives long – therefore the design must live at least as long. Good design is timeless and universal.” That is why Peter Condu deliberately chose an exquisite tight style of Klässbols linen. It is material that is supposed to deliver the message, to form the pattern and to revive in different structures within the fabric. “Linen is Sweden’s silk,” Peter Condu has alleged. “Right-treated, it has a unsurpassed beauty and certainly does not need to stand back for any other textile materials.”

Peter Condu’s textile art is internationally known. In 1970, the American department store chain Lord & Taylor introduced his work all over the continent and Condu himself was commuting between Stockholm and New York for several years, with his own stores in both locations. Exports to Japan also started during this time and now he is represented in many public and private environments, in many countries and in several museums, including the National Museum in Stockholm, The Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg and the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen.

“There is nothing like linen-feeling. We humans have loved linen since ancient times. Reference books and professional literature indicate characteristics such as “strength, durability, gloss and a pleasant coolness.” Substantive words from books, that might not say so much about feelings. But once you have felt a fresh linen towel on your face, you can hardly imagine anything else. It is the ‘linen-feel’.”

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