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Kristina Stark

Porträtt av Kristina Stark - foto-Peter Carlsson

Kristina is driven by the desire to design everyday things created for frequent use; utility items and completely ordinary and completely ordinary things that people use often and that make life a little easier. Things that work and are durable for the wear and tear of the hand and the eye, made in natural, honest materials that age with dignity and beauty.

“The great value of small details” – Kristina Stark

Kristina Stark is a designer educated at Konstfackskolan in Stockholm and at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and has been working for many years with design for both external clients and in her own brand. She does not seek effects, but the simple and low-key; peels back and eliminates to find the essence of a thing – what remains after all the superfluous has been removed.

Everything must be questioned to have a justification. Why do things look the way they do? Seeing and working with what you have around you, the everyday, that’s what interests her – the very, very ordinary. To feel genuine happiness over the seemingly small and simple things in life.

The Hank collection – As simple as it gets.

A kitchen towel is about function and exists for one reason only – to be used. Every day, several times a day. The name Hank is set after the important hank, or hanger, who is given the main role here; the handle that holds the towel on the hook and makes it available – always close at hand. It is a small, but fantastically important detail that Kristina gets its own value by letting it form a design element in itself, and thus created for the towel; the hank that is lifted forward by two woven vertical lines that tie the two hanks together.

In all its simplicity.

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