Jeanette Karsten - Klässbols Linneväveri

Jeanette Karsten

Jeanette Karsten

“The flax is a fascinating material with its functionality, timelessness and durability. The contrast between the matte and glossy in the linen is magical.”

My Dala-häst-pattern was born when me and my daughter Olivia were baking gingerbread when she was little. Suddenly there was a graphic pattern in the dough after effective punching of the cake mold. Dala horse has landed safely in the “linen country” at the obvious and quality conscious Klässbols Linneväveri.

1986-88 School of Architecture, Oslo, 1988-91 Architecture Section KTH, Sthlm, Spring 1990 Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff Wales, (The studies included architecture, including color & design furniture design, scenography, croquet and art and architectural history), Exam 1991 , A Combined BB / Childbirth Department, Bollnäs Hospital, Hälsingland Spring 2005 Italian Fresco, Royal Academy of Arts KKH, Sthlm

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