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Jeanette Karsten

Jeanette Karsten

“The flax is a fascinating material with its functionality, timelessness and durability. The contrast between the matte and glossy in the linen is magical.”

“The Dalahäst pattern, born in 1995, has been cherished for its unique blend of tradition and creativity. This journey began while baking gingerbread cookies with my daughter, when a striking graphical pattern emerged in the dough from efficiently using the cookie cutter.”

What sets this pattern apart is the uniqueness of each horse. Since its inception, it has adorned pillows, table runners, oven mitts, kitchen aprons, towels, and fabric by the meter. In 1995, Jeanette reached out to Ljungberg Textiles, who were immediately captivated by the pattern. Its groundbreaking aspect was the “helter-skelter” placement of the figures, a novel sight in the market at that time. Various color schemes were hand-printed onto textiles, and the pattern also debuted as fabric by the meter at Svenskt Tenn, proudly displayed in all the storefront windows during its launch year. Carl Malmsten’s store even produced larger trays featuring the pattern.

Following Ljungberg’s bankruptcy, Frösö Handtryck acquired the rights to the pattern from Jeanette, and in 2015, Klässbols Linen Weaving Mill took over. To reproduce the pattern, the original stencils from 1995 were scanned, kickstarting production. Frösö Handtryck also expanded the pattern’s application by introducing it on a range of new products such as toiletry bags and purses, further demonstrating its versatility and enduring appeal.

1986-88 School of Architecture, Oslo, 1988-91 Architecture Section KTH, Sthlm, Spring 1990 Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff Wales, (The studies included architecture, including color & design furniture design, scenography, croquet and art and architectural history), Exam 1991 , A Combined BB / Childbirth Department, Bollnäs Hospital, Hälsingland Spring 2005 Italian Fresco, Royal Academy of Arts KKH, Sthlm

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