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Ingela Berntsson

Ingela Berntsson

Ingela Berntsso has meant a lot to Klässbols as she was one of the leading designers who for a long time worked with our products on site.

Ingela Berntsson was born in 1950 on the island “Stora Askerö” in Bohus county on the west coast. After school there was a weaving school and studies at HDK (University of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg, where Ingela Berntsson trained as a textile designer between 1971 and 1975. After completing her studies at HDK she came to Klässbol as a weaver apprentice in 1976. Right from the start weaving was the textile technology that interested her most. As she says herself, she was “totally taken” by weaving, but also by the people at weaving. Linen is the fabric that fascinates Ingela Berntsson the most. She has been very interested in developing various techniques to increase the expressive power of the woven image.

Ingela Berntsson not only works with textile design but also with painting. Not least because she considers painting to be the basis for all other types of image production. She has had exhibitions at, among others: Röhsska Museum (Gothenburg), Nordic Textile Trials and Konstforum (Norrköping).

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