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Eva Jemt

Eva Jemt Klässbols Linneväveri designer

”Starka färger ger mig en kick och jag vet inte hur jag lyckades övertala Klässbols att köpa in rosa garn.”

Designer Eva Jemt is a well-known name in the textile industry, and has been working as a freelance designer since 2001. artistic leader and site manager at Ljungbergs Textiltryck, she has a solid knowledge and experience of both production and materials. She always shows a great sense of color and shape. In 2002, her first own collection was awarded with Excellent Swedish Form, as well as the Honorable Mention. Klässbols received the Formidable Grand Prix in 2004, a prize from Formex for Eva Jemt’s collection ‘Skimmer’ and Wanja Djanaieff’s ‘Heaven & Hell’.

“The city edges of Klässbol’s weaves gave me the idea for the ‘Skimmer’ collection. With the solid colors I emphasize the beautiful finishes on these curtains. Bright colors give me a kick and I don’t know how I managed to persuade Klässbols to buy pink yarn. But the result was a lovely combination with the strong colors of white or black warp. The linen curtains, with their slightly stiff freshness, also get even more luster when they are newly deficient – they shimmer. ”

“It’s nice to be able to work with companies like Klässbols, where we get to know each other and have mutual trust. Product development may take time, but in return we create classics that may remain in the range for a long time.”

Parts of the Designer’s range have been discontinued. But if you feel lucky then we might have some leftover in stock.
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