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Nationalmuseet möbeltyger Klässbols Linneväveri foto Pia Ulin soffa från vänster Matti Klenell Mattias Stählbom Stina Löfgren Carina Seth Andersson Gabriella Gustafson

If you know Klässbol’s story you also know that we manufacture as many products for companies, decorators and organizations as for the private market. We not only weave in linen but now also other materials like linen and wool, for example in the textiles for the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm, which you can read about on our website. How can we help you with special weaving? We make smaller and larger deliveries, decor textiles, gifts, corporate Christmas presents and much more. Below are a few examples.

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Boken Att väva sin historia

Do you want to know more about Klässbol’s history, then our book “Weaving our history” is available for purchase at Väveriet in both Klässbol and Stockholm, as well as in some online bookstores like Bokus.

Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Since 1981 we have been producing linen table cloth and napkins for all Swedish embassies around the world in the pattern ‘Three kronor’, commissioned by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Designer Sofia Vidén.

Tre kronor

Svenska Ambassaden linneduk klässbols linneveveri design Sofia Vidén

After the almost close-to-the-shock exhibition LIN at Märta Österdahl in 1982, a lot happened for Klässbols Linen weaving mill. We had to set up more telephone lines in the house and our self-confidence had grown. Shortly thereafter, the head of the Royal Building Board, Göran Faust, contacted us and asked for a quote on linen napkins and linen cloths for Swedish embassy around the world. This meant a breakthrough for us in the public area. Klässbols accepted the challenge. Behind the proposal was Astri Sampe’s stance on the issue. They could have accepted a synthetic fiber, but Astrid Sampe insisted on linen and pointed out the Klässbols company. For this purpose and for the increased quality requirement, a brand new loom and very fine spun yarn were required. The design already existed and was made by Sofie Widén back in the 1940s.


The latest production is tablecloths and the napkins Satelit. Design Lena Bergström. Satellite pattern image symbolizes directions of different encounters around the world. An orbit of conversation around the round set table. The lines run in the shiny line and cross each other’s paths. Satellite wires that form a web of joy, warmth and understanding.

The Swedish National museum

Nationalmuseet möbeltyger Klässbols Linneväveri foto Pia Ulin soffa från vänster Matti Klenell Mattias Stählbom Stina Löfgren Carina Seth Andersson Gabriella Gustafson

For 5 years, the Nationalmuseum (National Museum) in Stockholm has been closed. The reason for this is that the entire museum has undergone total renovation of the kind we have rarely seen in Sweden. Unique is not only the renovation but also the great effort made to produce unique furniture, textiles, glasses, cutlery and more. A total of about 80 products have been produced.

Behind the design is mainly design duo TAFCarina Seth AnderssonStina Löfgren and Matti Klenell who were also artistic leaders for the entire project. In addition to the designer, guest designers have also been invited during the project, Monica Backström, Ludvig Löfgren, Mattias Stahlbom and Jacob Solgren to name a few. Many recognized brands have been part of the project, such as SwedeseGense and Källemo. On the textile page, the assignment has gone to Klässbols Linneväveri. A total of two projects have been completed. One of these has resulted in furniture fabrics woven in 100% wool. Each designer has made his interpretation reflected in different patterns. Matti Klenell who are born in Värmland has chosen to make an interpretation of the Schackrutan. Matti says: “For my own part it was a matter of belonging to the Klässbol square and to renew and play with the company’s legacy in an interesting way. The boxes of different sizes describe a shimmering search for a final solid shape. Of course, the cooperation with Klässbol was close to me because I am from Värmland. That’s why it’s a part of my heritage too”. A total of five different patterns were noted. All with their own identity, reflected by their respective designers. The fabrics are woven in 100% wool, which is the first time at Klässbols Linneväveri. Dick Johansson says: “We started woven in 50% linen and 50% wool, but then chose to weave completely in wool to reach a more durable product.For example, the fabrics should be used to dress furniture and therefore require more than textiles used on the tablecloth or in the kitchen and bathroom. It has been a fun and educational process for us. The pattern images were demanding to be added when they are exposed and the threads wander between warp and weft. Projects of this kind always move positions and develop production. In addition, it is a great honor to contribute products to the National Museum.” The fabric is used for furniture produced by Offect as well as for chair cushions intended for products from basket maker Larsson in Gamla Stan. All furniture fabrics have also been used to sew up a drapery. In this, you can see the different pattern images, sewn side by side on a width of 90 cm. Which results in a beautiful, effective drawer of a total width of 4.5 meters, serving as a room divider in the restaurant.

In the near future, we will know even if we will be able to sell these textiles on our own behalf.

Väven möbeltyg design Stina Löfgren Klässbols Linneväveri foto Pia Ulin

Husets Linne

In addition to the above-mentioned designers, other designers have also been invited to various parts of the project, Jacob Solgren is one of these. Together with Klässbols Linneväveri, Jacob has produced tablecloths and napkins in 100% linen for the restaurant. The pattern is inspired by parts of the ceiling at the National Museum. A beautiful graphic pattern that appears in the natural-colored linen. In addition to napkin and canvas, Jacob Solgren has designed towels for the restaurant in a coarse, unbleached finish that gives it a beautiful structure.A goal for the National Museum is that visitors to the museum should be given the opportunity to buy parts of the specially produced products.

Husets linne duk servett design Jakob Solgren Klässbols Linneväveri foto Pia Ulin
Husets linne linneduk och linneservett dukning 3 Klässbols Linneväveri Jacob Solgren Sand

You can buy Klässbols Linneväveris range, both napkin and cloth here.

Hanne Vedel Spindegaarden
Danfoss Danmark

Designer Hanne Vedel och produkten Blå

48,000 items were woven as a Christmas gift to the 6,000 employees in Danfoss Denmark. The largest order ever for Klässbols Linneväveri. The assignment came from Hanne Vedel, Spindegaarden in Denmark

Blå ordern linne servetter tabletter Klässbols Linneväveri Hanne Vedel

98 million meters of blue yarn went on to make 24,000 napkins and 24,000 tablets. The work itself was a nice challenge for the company and a unique opportunity to show that we can deliver really large orders.

After “Blue”, the collaboration with Hanne Vedel and Spindegaarden continued. You will find some of her products online in the webshop.

Friends of Handicraft Studio and School

Towels for Designtorget

HV-Skola Klässbols Skansenbutiken 2

For more than 130 years, HV Skola at Djurgården in Stockholm has trained the artisans of the future in textile craftsmanship. 2019 was the third year in a row where textile students from the ancient textile craft school were commissioned to produce products for Designtorget. In collaboration with Designtorget, Handmade’s Friends protect products that last year after year. New for 2019 was that Klässbol’s Linneväveri was a partner.
For eight weeks, design students in the project “Collection in small-scale production” challenged traditional methods and textile materials. On the basis of the Design Square assortment, the students have developed their own towel design. The work consists of 11 new pattern images that are manufactured at the Klässbol weaving plant and launched at Designtorget in limited exclusive editions.

– We see working with Sweden’s leading textile and design schools as exciting, positive and challenging. An important strategy for finding future clients and customers. Doing it together with Designtorget makes it even more perfect! Says Andreas Johansson, CEO / Klässbols

Handarbetets vänner skola Designtorget Klässbols Linneväveri linnehanddukarna

You can read about the project (in Swedish) at Textile handicraft school – Friends of Handicraft School (HV School) website.

Towels for Skansenbutiken

I maj presenterar Skansenbutiken en ny kollektion linnehanddukar, formgivna av studenter som går sista året på Högre Textil Hantverksutbildning. Samarbetet med Klässbols är det andra i ordningen och man har skapat fyra nya mönsterbilder och vävt de första teknikproverna för hand. Studenterna har även denna gång utforskat uttryck i vävstol, experimenterat med bindningar och tagit fram en unik design där form och funktion står i fokus. Tillsammans med framtidens textilformgivare har Klässbols årligen utforskat nya synergier mellan hantverksarv och samtid.
I år har även världens första friluftsmuseum, Skansen, bjudits in för att delta i samarbetet, och motiven har hittats i Skansens miljö med utgångspunkt.

Memory – bedspread and pillows

Memory hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Ulrika Elovsson vit

Memory is woven in exclusive Italian linen wire at Klässbols Linneväveri. The textile is available in two qualities. One is jaquard-woven, the other is made of satin-woven bands. Both grades are designed by Ulrika Elovsson. The craft was carried out by HV Ateljé. Joining a larger fabric of narrow bands may seem simple, but the technique is complicated. The precision work of masters and collectors is reflected in the high quality of the final product. Both the jaquard and the woven bands have been carefully treated after Klässbols Linneväveri. The textiles have been hand washed in cold water and then cold mined. This slow and gentle process gives the textile a high gloss and solid surface. “Two threads crossing each other are the starting points for all the woven textiles’ arrival, where my creative process begins,” says Ulrika Elovsson. “In collaboration with Klässbols Linneväveri, I have wanted to relate to older textile traditions. With the help of different technologies, both high tech and low tech, I can speak different languages ​​and tell different stories.” On the picture you see Memory together with Norrland pillows and BADA towels.

Norwegian embassies

Det Konglige Utenriksdepartement Norges ambassad. Design Ingela Bengtsson

In 1988 we were commissioned to manufacture table linen and napkins for all Norwegian embassies around the world in the pattern ‘Norway’. Design Ingela Bengtsson.

International Committee of the Red Cross

Specialvävning Stygn till Röda korset

Klässbols Linneväveri and the International commitee Red Cross in Sweden had a product collaboration around the runner and the napkin / towel in the pattern “Trust”, which was sold in favor of the Red Cross. The linen products was in red and white (the picture shows a variation in silver) and where are made for the Christmas dinner and party meal regardless of the season.

Newer Alone
The Trust collection includes a two-pack runner (50×150 cm) and a two-pack of towels (50×70 cm) sold in the Red Cross Webshop. Half the income goes to the Red Cross Christmas campaign 2011 Never alone, which aims to fight involuntary loneliness and exclusion in our country.

Hotel interior

On the hotel The Dylan i Amsterdam you can book an overnight stay in the comfortable Suite Bolbol, where the whole room is decorated with Klässbols Bolster fabrics. Also Blakes Hotel London och The Hempel in London we delivered wallpapers, curtains and pillows in Bolster fabric and our own designs.. Design: Lady Weinberg

More references abroad

The World Exhibition in Seville, Spain
Noble cloths and napkins, Seville runner

Finnish Presidential Palace
Kitchen towels in own pattern

Astra, Sweden and U.S.A.
Noble cloth and napkins with Astra’s logo

Postipankki Ltd., Finland 
Table linen and napkins in own pattern with logotype

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