Bolster both inside and out - Klässbols Linneväveri

I butiken i Klässbol har bolstertyger för köp och visning. Foto Tommy Pedersen

Bolster both inside and out

Everyone has some kind of bolster in their home, at least if you use it as a synonym for pillow or cushion. According to SAOB, bolsters are larger pillows or cushions filled with feather, down, wool fabric, straw, hay or other loose padding, used as a basis for lying and sitting people. But many probably think of specific pillows or fabric with stripes. With us at Klässbol, Lena Rahoult is the designer of the Bolster fabric, which is available in a narrow stripe, middle stripe and wide edge in the colors green, red, blue, black, sand and chic. We also have the Bolster Twist that we often use in our bags and wallets.
Bolster fits in all homes regardless of whether you live in an apartment in town or country house. You can dress your chairs or decorate their sofa with pillows, with or without tassels.

Now it is summer and many have holidays. Maybe you want to spice up your summer cottage with new fabric or bring a pillow out in the hammock? Bolster is always inside, both inside and out!

Grön Bolster i soffa och på stol. Klässbols

Green Bolster on the couch at the porch and Black narrow stripe on the oak chairs cushion.

Bolster möbeltyg Lena Rahoult Klässbols

Bolster as Tablecloth. It fits nicely to the wide and narrow stripe.

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