Bada kollektionen klässbols lin linne

The Bada collection

BADA badlakan Klässbols Linneväveri Lena Bergström

The work of the collection has gone on for 1½ years in close cooperation with the master weavers Urban Johansson and Stefan Johansson. – It’s great to be working with these experienced and skilled craftsmen directly on the looms of Klässbols in Värmland Lena says and continues: The focus has been to find beautiful and light qualities for each application – towel, bath towel and kimono. All grades should be fine oman sail as well as mangled. The collection has a graphic base in black, silver, gray and white.

BADA towels are woven 100% flax with different graphical surfaces, marine irregular lines but also to the characteristic Klässbols squares. The quality is designed to be thin and a bit dry so that water on the hands can be easily dried.

BADA towels consists of a mixed quality. Lin and a new environmentally friendly cellulose fiber Tencel, whose properties are similar to flax making them excellent to combine the weaving. The quality is designed to be thick yet lightweight. Våffelbindningen create an appearance almost as small eddies with good absorbency. BADA kimono is among the quality of cotton and linen. Cotton absorbency and flax for its glory. The structure itself is designed so that it forms small “air pockets”. These pockets form a kind of thermal power that holds the heat. – I wanted to develop a quality that is something between thick terry cloth coat and a thin cotton kimono. The aim is that it should not be too heavy and that it breathes.

BADA kimono is unisex and is adapted for women as well as men. It shall serve as an elegant garment from home for casual occasions. Not just for the bath, but also for “snuggle” says Lena.

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