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Klässbols in Denmark celebrates 15 years!

Easter 2003 Else Marie Overgaard and her late husband opened up Hørhuset in Lønstrup, Denmark. Hørhuset, which means “linen house” in English, has the same goal now as then – to provide a wide unique range of high quality linen products and extensive service through enthusiasm and knowledge.

Hørhuset is a solo agency at Klässbols Linneväveris products in Denmark, but also sells home textiles and clothing from other suppliers. The philosophy are always beauty, durability and environmentally friendly. The store is located on the edge of Lønstrup – the small fishing village in the great wide nature. In the surrounding nature you will find the the sea and in the shop you will find Scandinavian design products of the highest quality – produced in Scandinavia. So benefit both the nature and the shop when you’re visiting Lønstrup.

Hørhusets homepage

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