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Hanne Vedel and Danfoss Denmark

Blå ordern linne servetter tabletter på tallrik med kaffekopp Klässbols Linneväveri Hanne Vedel bordsdukning

48,000 articles were woven as a Christmas gift for all employees in Danfoss Denmark. The largest order ever for Klässbols Linneväveri. 98 million meters of blue yarn was used to make 24,000 napkins and 24,000 tablets. The work in itself was a nice challenge for the company and a unique opportunity to show that we can receive really big orders.

Some other references abroad

1988 we started manufacturing pure linen table cloth and napkins for all Norwegian embassies around the world in the pattern ‘Norway’, in behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Here are some other exciting assignments:

World Expo in Sevilla, Spain
Nobel tablecloth and Napkins, Sevilla runner

Finnish Presidential Palace
Kitchen towels in their own pattern

Astra, Sverige and U.S.A. 
Nobel tablecloth and Napkins with Astras logotype

Postipankki Ltd. Finland 
Tablecloth and Napkins with heir own pattern and logotype



Hotel interior

At The Dylan in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, you can visit the luxury suite Klässbols, where the whole hotelroom is decorated with Klässbols Bolster fabric.
Also Blakes Hotel London and The Hempel in London we supplied wallpaper, curtains and pillows in fabric Bolster and our own pattern. Design: Lady Weinberg



Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Since 1981, we manufacture table linen and napkins for all Swedish embassies around the world in the pattern of ‘Tre Kronor’ (Three Crowns), in mission of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Red Cross

Klässbols Linneväveri and the Red Cross have a product collaboration around the runner and the napkin / towel in the “Trust” pattern, sold for the benefit of the Red Cross. The linen products are red and white and are made for a Christmas table or why not a party time regardless of the season.

Never alone
The trust collection includes a two-pack runner (50×150 cm) and a two-pack handkerchief (50×70 cm) sold in the Red Cross Webshop. Half the sum goes to the Red Cross’s Christmas campaign 2011 Never alone, whose purpose is to combat unwilling loneliness and exclusion in our country.

Read more.



Wedding gift for The Prins Carl Philip and Sofia

Photo: Tommy Andersson

On Sunday, May the 17th, 2015 just before the wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist at the Royal Palace, Governor Kenneth Johansson handed over the gifts from Värmland.

The country’s gift for the wedding couple consists of three parts. The first part being a commitment to protect nature in the soon formed nature reserve, Byamossarna in Arvika municipality. Through the support of the business community in Värmland, the governor also handed over a work of art by Karlstad artist Karolina Nolin and custom-designed linen products from Klässbols Linneväveri.

In the products, which are part of Klässbols Linneväveri’s new collection “Ack Wermeland”, the designer Margot Barolo has received inspiration from the thermal-like nature, especially the nature of the Byamossarna.

– The table cloth has got its pattern with the help of Värmlandsvisan, which describes a love for nature. The letters and words form a pattern of stripes flowing over the tablecloth. The pattern of the napkin reflects the mosses and other vegetation that are typical of the Byamossarna nature reserve. The motif is abstract and the sizes are distorted. In addition, the strips are inspired by the map’s name for wetlands and marshes, says designer Margot Barolo.

The set consists of a tablecloth and twelve unique napkins in the cave with the wedding couple’s common monogram inväft. The whole gift is wrapped in a specially made linnen bag, even this with the wedding couple’s monogram inväft.

Read the full press release from the County Administrative Board here.



Nobel dinner

Nobel duk Hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Ingrid Dessau Nobeldukningen

Nobel duk hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Ingrid Dessau sand kampanj

Nobel – timeless beauty 
Since 1991, the annual Nobel banquet is served with table linen and napkins made ​​of Klässbols Linneväveri. The Nobel tablecloth and napkins are typical of the craft tradition at Klässbols and was designed especially for the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in 1991. Textile designer Ingrid Dessau chose to make the tablecloth in satin with coarse, silver-grey linen yarn of the highest quality.

The classical woven check pattern appears when the light is reflected differently by the surfaces of the weft and the warp.

The napkins are woven in damask with thinner contrast threads of semi-bleached line yarn –  the perfect complement to the beautiful tablecloth.

Link to the Nobel table cloth in the webshop



Purveyor to the Court

Purveyor to the Court of Sweden since the 1970s
The Company has been purveyor to the Court of Sweden since the late seventies. On the occasion of the jubilee commemorating King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 20th anniversary as King in 1993, the Swedish Parliament presented him with nine three-metre wide linen tablecloths and 200 napkins for the royal table. The tablecloths were hand-woven on special Jaquard looms.

Furthermore Klässbols Linen Weaving Mill has been honored to provide the Court of Sweden with exclusive custom-made furnishings, Bolster fabrics and curtains.

A mark of quality for more than 1000 years
The title “Purveyor to His Majesty” is a personal and rare title. Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf views recipients of his honour as “modern representatives of the best of the Swedish craftsmanship tradition” (from the book ‘By Appointment to His Majesty the King of Sweden’). Until now, King Carl XVI Gustaf has issued about 130 royal warrants. The holders are all representatives of Swedish companies and they come from a wide variety of enterprises.

The issuing of royal warrants is restricted and they can only be granted by H.M. the King and H.M. the Queen. Only a few of the applications received each year by the Office of the Treasurer of the Court are approved for the title of Purveyor to His Majesty. To be eligible for the title of Purveyor to His Majesty the company must have been in business for at least five years and managed its finances in an irreproachable manner.

Swedish royal warrants are directly linked to a specific member of the Royal Family. Upon the accession of a new monarch the warrant becomes invalid and the company must apply anew for the prestigious title. The title is also personally awarded to the head of the company and, when there is a change in the post of managing director or owner, the company must apply for renewal of its status as Purveyor to H.M. the King.



The Royal Cloth

Kungaduken Klässbols Linneväveri Hans Thomsson Foto: Henrik Garlov/Kungliga Hovstaterna

With the occasion of the 20th anniversary of King Carl XVI Gustaf as Sweden’s regent, 15 September 1993, the Swedish Parliament and government decided to honor this event with a special gift for the King. It consisted of a table linen which was intended for the official Royal table at Karl XI’s gallery at the Royal Palace. The present was handed over by the spokesperson of the Swedish Parliament at that time, Ingegerd Troedsson.

The Royal table cloth consists of seven cloths of eight meters length and two cloths of four meters length, each with a width of three meters. There was only one hand loom available and capable considering this large width, while a machine loom was not available at this time. In addition, there were two hundred napkins accompanying the table cloths. Both the table linen and the napkins were woven in linen damask. The warp was of Italian linen no. 50 and the weft of Irish linen no. 60 with a density of 40×48 threads per centimeter.

The pattern was composed by Karin Björquist, better known as a designer at Gustavsberg porcelain, with technical-textile assistance of Ingrid Dessau. Initiator and leader of the project were art critic Åke Livstedt and architect Magnus Silfverheim – the same people who were also part of the project team that created the Nobel concept of the Nobel banquet. Weaver for the project was Hans Thomsson, and even The School of the Association of Friends of Textile Art has contributed to it.

Servett Klässbols Linneväveri Hans Thomsson

And even on the Napkins the pattern consists of a broad wave figure covering the border of the cloth, and large scattered stars as a mirror around the Royal Couple’s mirror-monogram in the middle of the cloth. The stars refer to the Pole Star, an ancient symbol of the Swedish king.

Kungaduken Klässbols Linneväveri Hans Thomsson

About Hans Thomsson

Hans Thomsson was born and raised in Hemse, Gotland – Sweden’s largest island. After high school he attended a weaving class at Säveskolan in Visby (Gotland) and did a six month internship at Hemslöjden in Visby. Later, he attended a weaving program at The Swedish School of Textiles (University of Borås) 1990-1991, which was followed up by a further course in Borås, 1992. During the years 1993-1998 he wove the Royal Cloth for King Carl XVI Gustaf, commissioned by Klässbols Linen Weaving Mill. During the second half of 1998 he participated in a course about Jacquard-weaving in Florence. There he learned how to weave copies of fabrics with designs from the Renaissance, silk weaving of high quality, and about other bindings than those he had learned in Scandinavia. Over the years Hans Thomsson has received great confidence in many significant missions. Today he has his own studio in Äskekärr, nearby Kinnekulle, with the intention to weave linen damask.



HV Ateljé

Memory / Blankets and pillows

Memory is woven in exclusive Italian linen wire at Klässbols Linneväveri. The textile is available in two qualities. One is jaquard-woven, the other is made of satin-woven bands. Both grades are designed by Ulrika Elovsson. The craft was carried out by HV Ateljé. Joining a larger fabric of narrow bands may seem simple, but the technique is complicated. The precision work of masters and collectors is reflected in the high quality of the final product. Both the jaquard and the woven bands have been carefully treated after Klässbols Linneväveri. The textiles have been hand washed in cold water and then cold mined. This slow and gentle process gives the textile a high gloss and solid surface. “Two threads crossing each other are the starting points for all the woven textiles’ arrival, where my creative process begins,” says Ulrika Elovsson. “In collaboration with Klässbols Linneväveri, I have wanted to relate to older textile traditions. With the help of different technologies, both high tech and low tech, I can speak different languages ​​and tell different stories.”



H.K.H Prinsessan Estelle

On the initiative of Region Värmland has Klässbols Linen Weaving Mill made ​​a bed set with sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers in 100 percent linen. The pattern consists of stars after the name Estelle which means star in French. The gift is enclosed in a package made of paper from Billerud.

– Both the gift and the beautiful packaging are good examples of products from our successful business in Värmland. It feels great to be handed over in connection with baptism, says Catarina Segersten Larsson, Regional Councillor, Region Värmland.



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