Grying och Skymning gardin hellinne Klässbols Linneväveri Eva Jemt

Curtains 20% off in may

Shop curtains with 20% discount from May 1th to May 13th. Decorate with curtains with transparency and let the sun touch you in a comfortable way, both for your eye and for your environment. Try coloring your home with Klässbols new colors in the new Trecolore series or brighten up in white curtains like classics and immortal Manhattan, Åsen (picture above, Fjorden, and the siblings Deci, Centi and Milli.
If you want to see more products, twist, turn and feel, you can shop with the discount in weaving and shop in Klässbol and the shop at Sveavägen in Sthlm but not at our dealers.

Show the webbshop selection of curtains here

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